White Paper

The Proverbial Abandoned Shopping Cart

This whitepaper will help you understand the most common reasons for cart abandonment and 10 strategies that always work to overcome them. Also learn how McDonald's used CleverTap to increase in-app purchases.


CleverTap - Appnique Joint Webinar

This will help you learn ways to attract users who will have a true affinity to your brand and to develop a deep and lasting relationship with the users, by learning what they like, what they did or did not do in your app.

White Paper

What Makes Push Notifications Successful

This whitepaper will help you learn how to adopt rich personalization methods for your push notification campaigns, to deliver more value, experience higher engagement, and in turn enjoy more customer loyalty.

White Paper

7 Channels to Grow your Online Retail Business

Read this whitepaper to learn more about the various marketing channels that popular retail brands are increasingly using in their growth strategies and how you can leverage these to increase sales by a factor of almost 2X.

White Paper

The Art of Onboarding Mobile App Users

In this paper, you will learn ways to prolong your initial interactions with a new user leading to a perfect FTUE (First Time User Experience) priming them for a longer run with you.

White Paper

Mobile Engagement & Retention Guide

According to Forrester, 2/3 of marketers still struggle to measure ROI on mobile apps and their main challenge is profitability. Read our guide to become a mobile expert now.

White Paper

Get Up Close and Personal with your Users

Learn how behavioral analytics and segmentation can improve your app metrics and maximize mobile engagement & retention. Build contextual engagement strategies based on actionable analytics.

Analyst Report

The path to Mobile Marketing Mastery

Forrester defines next generation of mobile action-based analytics as “mobile intelligence.” Gain predictive insights about customers and engage with them in their mobile moments.

Analyst Report

Win Mobile Moments with Digital Intelligence

App users are a picky bunch. They seek instant satisfaction. As a marketer, if you can provide what they want in their moments of need, they will remember you and come back to you….


Increase Mobile Conversions with Behavioral Segmentation

Watch how CleverTap and Forrester talk about creating varying degrees of value using segmentation.Group users into different buckets based on their current actions and user profile parameters.


Consolidated App Analytics and User Engagement Overview

So you've acquired a bunch of new users from your big marketing spend. Now what? Use analytics to determine which sources drove sticky users and engage them to become your brand advocates.


Analyze, Segment and Engage Users in Realtime

Choosing the perfect app for users is a lot like dating. CleverTap can set you up for life with your new app users. Create perfect messages for your users based on their actions and win them for life.

Case Study


DealsPlus was pleased with the phenomenal results of their push notification campaign via CleverTap’s platform.

Case Study


Learn how Streamago analyzed their app users and increased user retention by 49% with Day 1/3/7 push campaigns and geo-segmentation.

Case Study


Ixigo generated a 12.5% response rate using Clever Campaigns to automatically reach out to users who had uninstalled their app.

Case Study


Flyrobe reduced Cost Per Transaction by 10X using a solid retargeting strategy built on CleverTap’s Facebook Custom Audience Campaign feature.

Case Study

School 4 One

School 4 One uses CleverTap to provide actionable insights and a 360-degree view of 10k plus teachers in various schools using their mobile app and drive engagement.

Case Study


Allegiant used CleverTap push marketing campaigns to attract app users' attention and enhance fan engagement; significantly increasing conversion rates.

Case Study


Integrated marketing with email campaigns can achieve great results. Understand how 24me increased viewership of their tutorials by 6% with triggered email campaigns.

Case Study


See how Faasos was able to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates by 7% using CleverTap's personalized push notification campaigns.

Case Study


Add intelligence and automation to your marketing campaigns. Learn how Styl increased their CTRs by 200% with pre-built CleverTap marketing campaigns.


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