Case Study

Global telecommunications company achieved 15% CTR improvement and a 3x increase in engagement with personalized notifications

15%Increase in CTRs
2xIncrease in Conversion
MyVodafone App

The Vodafone Story

As the eighth-largest business listed on the London Stock Exchange, Vodafone’s global telecommunications company ranks fifth in revenue worldwide. Vodafone owns and operates networks in 26 countries, with partner networks in 50+ additional countries, and serves Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania with more than 469.7 million connections.With over 1 million downloads, the My Vodafone App is designed to make it easy for users to manage their account, monitor usage, pay bills, submit service requests, collect rewards, access personalized deals, and more. In order to connect with their millions of customers and provide the best possible user experience, the My Vodafone App team needed to integrate with a cutting-edge mobile marketing platform.


  • Multi-channel Marketing Multi-channel Marketing
  • Personalization at Scale Personalization at Scale
  • Contextual Engagement Contextual Engagement

Since so many users rely on the app for different needs, it’s critical for the My Vodafone team to provide immediate value and retain each user — keeping acquisition costs low and increasing customer lifetime value.

Engagement and retention campaigns like recharge reminders, new bill notifications, and special offers were all sent manually. With such a large user base, it was impossible to scale these personalized marketing campaigns with optimal ROI.

The Vodafone team was also using separate email marketing and SMS systems to communicate with users, which hindered their efforts to build a strong omnichannel strategy. The inability to reach users at the right time on the right channel with a personalized offer led to users uninstalling the app.

They began looking for a mobile marketing solution that would help them engage users with timely, contextual messages across multiple touchpoints.


The brand’s popularity helps them acquire new users, but a flawless onboarding experience is critical for successful activation. With CleverTap’s notifications, onboarding campaign CTRs improved by 15% and engagement by almost 3x, driving brand loyalty and long-term customer value.

With CleverTap, the Vodafone team was also able to segment a large group of users who didn’t complete a transaction in order to recapture lost purchases. Using CleverTap’s analytics, they pinpointed a 2-minute golden window of opportunity to engage these users and drive conversions. As a result, CTRs for re-engagement campaigns have been 23.7% and conversions have doubled since they started using CleverTap.


The Vodafone team can see exactly where and how users navigate the app and which actions lead to uninstalls. They can then minimize friction points and optimize paths that lead to conversion.

Retention Cohorts

Granular metrics let Vodafone zoom in on a segment of users to watch their behavior and retention rate. This helps them measure app stickiness as well as users’ responses to particular offers, enabling them to optimize promotions and build more effective marketing campaigns.

Uninstall Tracking

Out-of-the-box uninstall tracking helps Vodafone monitor uninstalls and churn rate, so they can run targeted winback campaigns and measure success in real time.

Aditi Mohanty

“CleverTap’s features have been a game changer for us. We are a lot more informed about our users’ preferences and expectations. The platform helps us create a robust mobile marketing strategy that is crucial to the success of our business.” Aditi Mohanty Manager Digital

What’s next

Vodafone is on a mission to constantly innovate and remain on the competitive edge. They plan to explore artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics, and will use CleverTap’s Journeys and live user segments to build an end-to-end user experience that fuels conversions.Mohanty says, “Leveraging data to its maximum potential and building omnichannel campaigns that help us understand users better is what we are very excited to do.”