Building an Effective User Acquisition and Retention Marketing Stack – Lessons from Indosat Ooredoo

Indonesia is one of the largest and fastest-growing mobile markets in Asia. According to a Google Consumer Barometer survey over 80% of Indonesians prefer to use a smartphone to access the internet.

With the rapid growth of social commerce in the region, it becomes crucial for brands to understand where their users are coming from, so that they can build effective user engagement strategies, leading to long-term user retention. With the majority of mobile apps losing 70% to 85% of users within 3 months of the install, the more a brand knows about user journeys across channels, and the user behavior inside the app, the better it can build its retention moat.

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Key Takeaways:

Join us as product experts from Adjust, CleverTap, and Indosat Ooredoo talk about building a marketing stack that delivers results.

  • Optimizing the user acquisition and retention channels
  • What to measure and how frequently
  • Importance of understanding user behavior and planning an effective personalized engagement activity
  • Using acquisition data to build effective campaigns
  • Identifying the best engagement/channel combinations



Derry Kharisma

AVP of Retention at Indosat Ooredoo


Silvia Andriani

Sales Manager at Adjust

Chief Marketing Officer at CleverTap


Product Expert at CleverTap

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