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Deal Social Commerce Site DealsPlus Sees Phenomenal Results in User Retention With CleverTap’s platform.

30%Reduction in Uninstalls
10%Increase in Engagement
DealsPlus App

The DealsPlus Story

Founded in 2006, Sazze, Inc. is the parent company toseveral popular and fast-growing e-commerce sites, such as,, Pocketly. DealsPlus by Sazze, Inc. is an online coupon and deal social commerce website.

It combines aspects of an online coupon site and user-generated content driven deal focused sites. It is the money-saving deals and coupons site where savvy shoppers can find, share, and rate the best offers available online. Launched in 2006, DealsPlus now has over 10 million visitors each month and provides discounts for over 28,000 stores.


  • Omnichannel User Experience Omnichannel User Experience
  • User Retention User
  • Creating Rich User Profiles Creating Rich User Profiles

As is the case with most mobile marketers, Sazze Inc. was facing difficulties in driving engagement, increasing retention and maintaining on-going mobile app revenue for DealsPlus. Sazze wanted a seamless omnichannel marketing experience to engage the mobile app users of DealsPlus in the same way they did on their e-commerce sites – tailored to each user.

Retention was also a challenge for DealsPlus, and they needed a solution that could engage users based on their browsing patterns at different stages on their website and within their mobile app, increase return visits, and improve conversions.


DealsPlus uses CleverTap’s analytics to process their data in real-time – allowing them to segment users based on their preferences, browsing history, and the time of day they’re most active in the app. Thus, creating unified user profiles which can be intelligently segmented to run engagement campaigns.

DealsPlus is now able to easily send push notifications with personalized offers right when users are most likely to open the app, significantly improving user retention.

Intelligent Segmentation

CleverTap’s advanced segmentation features allow DealsPlus to easily segment users based on their preferences, and their activity.

Push Notifications

By using CleverTap’s engagement platform, DealsPlus is not only able to optimize push notifications click through rate but also enhance the user experience on their mobile app.

Personalization at Scale

The CleverTap platform helps the marketing team at DealsPlus engage each of their 10 million+ monthly users with perfectly personalized messages, and match users with the content they care about to provide an enhanced user experience.

Craig Thayer

“CleverTap has proven to be a very valuable (and effective) platform for customized user engagement. Not only is easy to integrate but easy to use. CleverTap requires little to no engineering or development effort. We plan to explore the other avenues of prescriptive campaigns that CleverTap provides and to incorporate CleverTap into all our shopping apps including and Pocketly.” Craig Thayer CTO, Sazze Inc.