Case Study

Smart Personal Assistant App 24me Improves Conversionsby 6% by Optimizing Onboarding Using CleverTap

6%Increase in Viewership
24me App

The 24me Story

24me is an award-winning personal assistant app that helps millions of people across the globe to boost productivity. It’s an easy-to-use and yet powerful app that puts everything related to your schedule in one place: your CALENDAR, TO-DO LIST, NOTES and personal accounts. 24me saves you time for your real priorities in life.


  • User Onboarding User Onboarding
  • Feature Adoption Feature Adoption
  • User Engagement User Engagement

24me figured out that getting new users to watch their onboarding tutorial was the best way to increase adoption of their features. They wanted to track all users who reached the tutorial page but did not watch the video. 24me engaged these users via email to persuade them to watch the tutorial.

They also needed to understand how users interacted within their app and what prompted app uninstalls.

Once the above two problems were taken care of, they wanted to identify the time when users were most active on their app and specific actions users did during those times.


24me used CleverTap’s analytics to understand user behavior. They used Flows to understand what their users did after launching the app and tracked their actions. Once these actions were identified, 24me used Funnels to understand where the drop-offs occur at every step.

24me leveraged CleverTap’s segmentation to track all users who clicked on the tutorial page but did not watch the video. Using an action/inaction email campaign, they sent out an informative email reminder to users to bring them back to the video page, resulting in increased viewership of the tutorial.


24me can see exactly where and how users navigate the app and which actions lead to uninstalls.

Rich User Profiles & Live Segments

24me now understands their users better and can send the right message at the right time. With more effective marketing campaigns, they’re driving even higher user engagement.

Inaction Email Campaigns

Sending timely reminder emails to an audience segment who showed intent but did not go through with the action led to 6% additional views of their video tutorial.