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Case Studies

Leading agribusiness logistics company in Brazil achieved 187% increase in user registrations using automated journey orchestration

The TMOV Story

Agriculture and animal husbandry power the Brazilian economy, contributing over 25% of the country’s GDP in the past 20 years. As one of the world’s largest countries, transporting agricultural produce from one part of the country to another can take days, if not weeks. And the logistical side of the agricultural industry has been highly fragmented and inefficient, not effectively serving the needs of freight drivers. TMOV, a leading agribusiness logistics company in Brazil is in the process of changing this status quo.

After more than 30 years in the market, Sotran became TMOV and diversified into a logistics technology (“logtech”) company. And TMOV is the largest marketplace in Brazil for shippers, fleet owners, agents, and truck owners. By digitizing operations for the agri-business sector, TMOV brings convenience and efficiency to the entire process, helping all stakeholders, but especially truck drivers.

To understand how CleverTap helps them engage truck drivers effectively, we spoke to the TMOV growth team composed of Brian Bittencourt, Head of Growth and Marketing, Rodolfo Negri, Growth Manager, and Roberta Campos, CRM Specialist. The overall focus area for the team is the volume of freight transported over the course of a day.

Some of the key metrics for the growth team include the number of users who’ve installed the app, the number of users who’ve completed registration and made their first purchase, and the number of users who’ve completed a freight delivery.


The Need for a Complete CRM Solution

As the growth team grew at TMOV, they realized they needed a holistic tool to manage their end-to-end relationship with customers and stakeholders. While examining various solutions, they concluded that deploying a solution which combined user analytics and engagement would best solve their needs.

Having such a solution would help them understand user behavior, app performance and health, and support rapid, sustained growth.

Boost User Onboarding and Product Adoption

In a changing work landscape where online transactions and Google Maps are mainstays, it was important for the growth team to successfully educate the truck drivers about the TMOV app features and benefits. This would help increase the rate of user onboarding and also contribute to a better user experience, leading to increased product adoption.

Optimize Overall User Experience

How could the growth team optimize the user experience? The answer: creating an exceptional first-time user experience (FTUE) right from the moment a driver installs the app. This means focusing on clarity and simplicity. Next, ensure a great user experience while maintaining consistency in messaging across channels.


Their search for a mobile marketing solution ended with CleverTap. “CleverTap drew our attention as a complete solution for app marketers as it’s mobile-first and also can be integrated with other platforms in our tech stack,” notes Negri.

Automated Campaigns Journeys to Drive Conversions and Product Adoption

Journeys form an essential part of the user engagement strategy at TMOV. Using journeys helps them deliver a seamless experience to users both inside and outside of the app, using channels like SMS, push notifications, and in-app messages.

Some of the landmark journeys built by the growth team include:

  • Registration: This journey is aimed at users who’ve downloaded the app but haven’t registered on the app yet. Using a series of push notifications, this journey reminds users to complete the registration in a timely manner. The journey commences right after the user has installed the app. By deploying this journey, TMOV witnessed a 187% boost in the registration conversion rate.

  • User Onboarding: This journey educates the user on the app’s benefits, motivating them to make their first purchase. Completing this journey brings the user to the end of the installation and registration funnel.

  • Cart Abandonment: If a user chose a freight but did not complete the trip, it’s considered cart abandonment. A journey is built to re-engage the truck driver.

  • Refer a Friend: Using a combination of in-app, SMS, push notifications, emails, and deep links, this journey nudges users to refer their friends to TMOV. Users earn a bonus once their friends download the app through the link.

  • Campos engages with users through a campaign where drivers could send pictures of themselves at work. These images are then shared on social media. “We never expected truck drivers to engage with our app in such a profound manner by sharing feedback and images. This has completely erased any assumptions we had made about their tech-savviness,” she adds.

RFM and Geography-Based Segments to Target Users

The growth team uses RFM to segment users based on their activity in the app. “With RFM, we update stakeholders with information like: Which users are about to sleep? What is the segment size of our at-risk users? Who are our loyal customers?” explains Negri.

RFM divides the entire user base of TMOV into distinct groups ranging from champions and loyal users to hibernating customers that are at risk of uninstalling the app. “The insights we gain from RFM help us create a personalized campaign for at-risk users to reduce attrition. Additionally, RFM assists us in understanding the overall health of our user base,” he adds.


“After partnering with CleverTap, TMOV saw a massive increase of 187% in the conversion rate from installation to registration. They’ve also seen a 55% increase in DAUs using CleverTap. In addition, their ‘refer a friend’ journey has achieved a 16% conversion rate.

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