CleverTap In-App Campaigns

Campaigns for any lifecycle stage

Improve user experience with content-rich in-app messages. Convert your most active users, onboard new users, drive new feature adoption, send promotional offers or personalized recommendations.

Create perfect first time user experiences

Unmatched ease of use

Easily send in-app notifications that contain rich media like images, GIFs, video, or audio that is rendered perfectly across devices of any size and type automatically.
Personalized messaging
Add name, location, and title to personalize your communications.
In-app Personalized Messaging
Localization support
Localize messages for regional users and create a stronger impact.
In-app Localization Support
Drag-and-drop editor
Quickly send in-app notifications without needing to code.
In-app Drag-and-Drop Editor
Pre-built templates
Access a variety of templates to quickly get started on common use cases.
CleverTap PreBuilt In-App Templates

Track performance of in-app campaigns

Analyze deliveries, click-through rates, and goal conversions for your in-app campaigns. Track campaign-specific goals — including revenue and daily, weekly, and monthly trend reports for campaigns triggered via user actions. Have these reports delivered straight to your inbox.
Track In-App Campaigns Performance

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