Enabling Real-time Customer Experiences at Scale

Learn how CleverTap uses its proprietary architecture for data ingestion, processing and messaging systems and facilitates the increasingly prevalent real-time use cases of today

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Why Read This Whitepaper?

Today’s customer journey is far from being linear. There are hundreds of touchpoints between a customer knowing about your product to when they are ready to hit that buy button. This presents unique challenges for brands who must innovate continuously to stay relevant. To support the velocity and amount of information needed by real-time use cases, brands need to develop a viable production system that allows for previously unknown workloads and data flowing through the system.
This whitepaper will walk you through all the essential components of CleverTap’s scalable platform. Its proprietary architecture that benefits from proven data ingestion, processing and messaging systems that contrast traditional workflows and facilitate the increasingly prevalent real-time use cases of today.

What’s Inside the Whitepaper?

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