Why CleverTap

Unifies Customer Data Across Your Business
Unifies User Data across your Business
Understand and respond to your customer needs by developing a 360° view of your customer across marketing, sales and operations.
Design Automated Campaigns Across Entire User Lifecycle
Automates User Segmentation
Deliver the right message at the right time on the right device using our real-time Intent based, behavioral, psychographic and RFM segmentation.
Orchestrate Your Omni-Channel Marketing Campaigns
Orchestrates your omnichannel Marketing Campaigns
Reduce churn by 20% through automated campaigns that help you focus on user retention and growth challenges across marketing channels.
Aligns Goal-Based Marketing KPIs to Business Impact
Aligns with your Marketing KPIs
3x your revenue by leveraging machine learning and AI that builds dynamic goal-based approach to marketing.
Handles Growth & Scale Seamlessly
Handles Growth & Scale Seamlessly
Experience a 1.6x jump in conversions at scale while building long-term brand loyalty with differentiated user experiences through our 1:1 campaigns.
Build a Sustained Competitive Advantage
Builds a Sustained Competitive Advantage
Global brands have reaped more than $2B+ in combined revenues using our industry-first features such as intent based segmentation along with goal based marketing.


  • Funnels Pinpoint exactly where users drop off.
  • Cohorts Measure how many of your new users come back.
  • Event Analysis & Trends Plot the occurrences of any event over time.
  • Uninstall Tracking Monitor and analyze app uninstalls.
  • Pivots Discover hidden patterns in your data using Pivots.
  • Flows Visualise how users navigate through your app.
  • Scheduled and Triggered Campaigns Schedule campaigns for a later date or trigger them instantaneously based on user actions and profile data.
  • Journeys Visually build and deliver omnichannel campaigns.
  • Clever Campaigns Pre-built automated marketing campaigns for the entire user lifecycle.
  • User Experimentation Platform Quickly experiment, learn and optimize your mobile app strategies.
  • RFM Score users on recency of visit, frequency of visit, and money spends. Discover your champion users.
  • Intent Based Segmentation Bring predictability to your marketing ROI with goal-driven marketing.
  • Psychographic Segmentation Use Psychographic Segmentation to know what each user is most interested in.
  • Live User Segmentation Know what’s happening in your app right now so you can immediately identify and engage users that qualify for a segment.
  • Behavioral Segmentation Create segments based on actions or inactions users perform in your app or website.
  • Push Send personalized, timely messages directly to a user’s mobile device.
  • In App Send relevant in-app notifications based on a user’s identity and behaviors.
  • Email Engage users outside your application with targeted email messages.
  • SMS Deliver time-sensitive information to users with a personalized text message.
  • Web Push Reach users right in their web browser even when they aren’t on your website.
  • Web Pop-up Turn anonymous users into contacts using web pop-ups.
  • Facebook Audience Retargeting Re-engage specific users by targeting Facebook Ads to that group of users.
  • Google Ads Remarketing Automatically upload your CleverTap user segments to Audience lists in your Google Ads account to run remarketing campaigns.
  • Webhooks Seamlessly trigger business workflows using webhooks.
  • Import and Export APIs Seamlessly flow data between CleverTap and third party apps.
  • Export to AWS S3 Bulk export your CleverTap event data to a AWS S3 bucket.
  • CSV Export Keep your data handy using CSV Exports.
  • Email Reports Get daily, weekly or monthly reports delivered to your inbox.
  • Self-Service Knowledge Base Extensive documentation to support you throughout your CleverTap journey.
  • Integration and Live Onboarding Support Our guided support practice helps you get started faster, with confidence and in a shorter time frame.
  • Dedicated Success Manager Dedicated Success Manager to help you adopt new features faster, and learn about industry best practices.
  • GDPR Use an enterprise-ready marketing platform that addresses user privacy and GDPR compliance.
  • Multi Factor Authentication Support for multi-factor authentication to make your account even more secure.
  • Roles and Permissions Invite your team to CleverTap with access control appropriate to their role.

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • "Since integrating CleverTap, we’ve increased CTRs by 5% and subscriptions by 10%. Having analytics and engagement on the same platform has been critical to our customer acquisition and retention."
    Omkar Shende
    AVP Product Management, Sony
  • "CleverTap has proven to be a very valuable and effective platform for customized user engagement. Not only is it easy to integrate, but easy to use and requires little to no engineering or development effort."
    Craig Thayer
    VP of Technology, DealsPlus
  • "CleverTap’s impact is clear: our conversions and traffic have increased over 50% in the last several months. CleverTap is a trusted partner for BookMyShow. Their advanced mobile CRM lets us implement complex yet easy-to-set-up automated campaigns for our users."
    Marzdi Kalianiwala
    Vice President, BookMyShow
  • "CleverTap has been a valuable resource in helping us engage users with relevant, non-intrusive messages at the right moments. The whole team provided first-class service, from the initial ramp-up to getting us fully integrated and running automated international campaigns."
    Robert Manger
    President, Hooked on Phonics
  • "CleverTap provides us with the best analytics and a deeper understanding of our users. This has enabled us to meet our teachers’ needs and deliver contextually relevant experiences and to increase engagement for their student programs."
    Felipe Saint Jean
    CTO and Co-Founder, School 4 One
  • "CleverTap’s superior user engagement and segmentation allows us to connect with users based on their in-app behavior. They provided hands-on support through the migration process and worked with us to create a smart event design that met all our requirements."
    Daniel Calabrese
    CEO, Streamago
  • "CleverTap is the perfect platform for any growth hacker. It’s not just about analytics and segments — they work with you on clever campaigns, optimization, and how to use your data better. They have perhaps the best support team for deep dives and issue resolutions."
    Himanshu Periwal
    Vice President - Growth, Ixigo
  • "CleverTap's action/inaction campaigns and ability to engage users in real time changed the game for us with increased conversions from abandoned carts. I highly recommend them."
    Revant Bhate
    Head of Marketing, Faasos
  • "At FreeCharge, we focus on growing our active user base as well as increasing the conversion funnel at optimized costs. We’ve used CleverTap to interact with our users across different channels — all from a single platform."
    Manan Bajoria
    Head of Growth Marketing, FreeCharge
  • "CleverTap’s multi-channel marketing suite enables us to engage with real-time customer insights that help make informed marketing decisions. Having a technology partner who believes in our core value proposition helps us accelerate our efforts rapidly"
    Zaheer Adenwala
    Co Founder & CTO, Ketto
  • "Curiosity leverages CleverTap’s message variant and A/B testing capabilities to select the optimal message for user communication based on the observed click-through rates. We have observed a 25% or more uplift in user activity, increased sharing of content and improved user retention."
    Michael Russell
    CTO, Curiosity
  • "CleverTap's robust marketing suite helps us with segmenting & targeting our users’ behavior in real time. The way analytics is merged with engagement, helps us craft better campaigns as well as get valuable insights with features such as funnels & increase conversions via repeat purchases."
    Ashish Aggarwal
    Head of Digital Marketing, 1mg
  • "At Mobikwik, we use CleverTap's mobile marketing capabilities extensively to engage better with our users. With CleverTap, we can run powerful contextual and personalized campaigns and our retention rates have significantly improved ever since."
    Abhinav Chand
    Marketing Manager, MobiKwik
  • "Thanks to Clevertap's ability to handle large volumes of data we have been able to scale our userbase 10x in the last 12 months without worrying about our real-time analytics solution."
    Ankush Sachdeva
    Co-founder & CEO, ShareChat
  • "At HealthifyMe we believe in a data-first approach when it comes to engaging our users and CleverTap's robust features help to extend our segmentation to optimize the impact of our engagement campaigns."
    Anish Jose
    Product Manager, HealthifyMe
  • "With CleverTap Pivots, we are able to cross-tabulate data across billions of data points in no time. This enables us to gain valuable insights that we can leverage to provide better recommendations around our entire solution suite - from keyword research, ASO promotion, A/B testing, sentiment analysis to much more."
    Raphael Maimon
    Product Designer / Design Director, Pranker
  • "We segment our users into various segments - new users, first-time buyers, cart abandoners, inactive users & more with just a few clicks on the CleverTap dashboard. Using this information, we send them relevant & contextual messages via the right channel & at the right time using CleverTap's well-integrated marketing suite."
    Vivek Thota
    Senior Product Manager, Kraftly


$2 Billion

1 Billion

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