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Features Starter Business Enterprise
Data Volume
Events Per Month The per month limit of events that CleverTap can capture for you. The events can be both system and custom events. Unlimited
Total Events Stored This is the total quota of events that you have opted for, in the plan. Once the quota fills up, you would need to delete the older events or upgrade to a higher quota. up to 50 Million for 60 days Custom
Behavioral Segments up to 10 Unlimited
Event Analysis & Trends
Uninstall Tracking
Advanced analytics
Marketing Engagement
Scheduled and Triggered Campaigns Scheduled campaigns let you create campaigns and schedule them for a later date and time. Triggered campaigns let you create triggers in form of user actions to set off the campaigns.
Engagement Channels up to 5 per channel per month Unlimited
In App
Web Push
Web Popups
Facebook Audience Retargeting
Data Accessibility
Import and Export APIs
CSV Export
Email Reports
Export to S3
Self-Service Knowledge Base
Email Support Standard Priority Priority
Integration and Onboarding Support Live Onboarding Live Onboarding
Dedicated Success Manager






How do the CleverTap pricing plans work?
Our pricing plans are designed to provide predictable billing to our customers. You can choose the total number of events you want to store with CleverTap. The plans start at 100 million events for $999 and you can choose to increase the number of events stored in multiples of 100 million up to 1 billion events, afterwhich the increments become larger to support growing enterprises.
What is an Event?
An event is any user activity you choose to track and that is captured and sent to CleverTap via one of our client SDKs or via our APIs. Examples include such activities as: Play Video, Favorite an Article, or Add Item to Cart.
What do you mean by predictable pricing?
Once you have opted for a plan, you can send as many events as you like each month. If your traffic spikes unexpectedly, you’ll still be charged the same fixed amount each month. If you hit the storage limit on your current plan, you have the option to upgrade your plan to a higher storage limit or simply delete events that you no longer want or need so you can make room to capture more events.
What does this plan include? Will I be charged for MAUs?
There are no MAU based charges. You are only charged for the number of stored events you opt for and any premium feature you select that are not included in the base plans.

With all our flexible pricing plans, you get:
  1. Unlimited MAUs
  2. Unlimited Profiles stored
  3. Unlimited Events each month
What are the benefits of this pricing structure?

Predictable billing: You get predictable billing each month based on one simple metric – the total event storage capacity you want. There are no overage charges when your traffic spikes. If you acquire new users in a given month but they end up in-active – your bill is unaffected. Bonus! You can retain profiles for these users indefinitely so you can try to reactivate them down the road.

Flexible Billing: You have complete control over how much data you choose to retain and for how long, with our minimum retention period being 3 months. If you want to do annual trend analysis, you can keep your customer’s data for up to 10 years. For transactional data, you can delete it after 1 year or choose to retain it only for the minimum period of 3 months. You decide for each event captured, how long you wish to retain it and use these fine-grained controls to optimize your costs.
What happens when I reach my Storage Limit?
You will be sent an alert both in the dashboard and via email when you reach 70%, 90% and 100% of your storage capacity. At this point, you will have two options:
  1. Upgrade your storage to the next event container tier.
  2. Manage your stored events by deleting those you no longer wish to keep and make room for new events. This is done by simply setting the time you wish to retain each event (anywhere from 3 months to 10 years).
How do I delete or manage my events?
You can set your events to auto-delete by simply setting the time you wish to retain each event for. This time interval can be anything from 3 months to 10 years. The events will automatically be deleted after the set time period, making room for new events without any extra charges to your plan.
How do I opt for a custom pricing plan?
We are always there to help our customers and will work with you to find a plan that best works for you. Email us at with further queries.
The ability to have analytics and engagement on the same platform has been critical to our customer acquisition and retention strategy. CleverTap’s advanced segmentation engine allows us to send hyper contextual messages to our customers based on their past experiences. CleverTap’s robust architecture provides us with the ability to send massive campaigns for live events without having to worry about deliverability. We also enjoy the automated reminder feature that CleverTap has and it makes life easier for subscription based businesses such as ours. Since integrating CleverTap, we have increased our CTR by 5% and subscription by 10%.

Omkar Shende

AVP Product

CleverTap has proven to be a very valuable (and effective) platform for customized user engagement. Not only is easy to integrate but easy to use. CleverTap requires little to no engineering or development effort. We plan to explore the other avenues of prescriptive campaigns that CleverTap provides and to incorporate CleverTap into all our shopping apps including and Pocketly.

Craig Thayer

VP of Technology

CleverTap is a trusted partner for BookMyShow. They offer an advanced Mobile CRM Technology,which lets us implement complex yet easy to set-up automated scenarios for our Android, iOS, and Windows app users. The impact of having CleverTap is clearly seen in our conversions and traffic that has increased over 50% in the last several months.

Marzdi Kalianiwala

Vice President

CleverTap has been a very valuable resource to help us engage parents with relevant non-intrusive messaging at the right moments. The whole team – from our first interaction with Arkady Fridman and CEO Sunil Thomas, to their customer success group – has offered first class service from initial ramp-up to getting us fully integrated and running automated campaigns internationally.

Robert Manger


Our team has been working since 2012 to build the best apps to create and share educational content in the App Store. We chose the CleverTap platform to provide us with the best analytics and a deeper understanding of our iPad classroom users. This has enabled us to meet our teachers’ needs and deliver contextually relevant experiences and to increase engagement for their student programs.

Felipe Saint Jean

CTO and Co-Founder

CleverTap provides a superior offering in terms of user engagement and segmentation which allows us to influence users based on their in app behavior. Moreover, we are extremely happy at their pricing that really allows us to create a multitude of events that we can track, at a very minimal cost. They also provided very hands on support to help us through the migration process which made it extremely simple, in addition to working with us to create a smart and effective event design to meet all our tracking requirements. I feel that if you are a new or growing business, CleverTap is the best platform to go with because not only do they have a better product offering, but it comes at a very affordable cost.

Daniel Calabrese


CleverTap is the perfect platform for any growth hacker in the industry. It is not just about analytics and segments, but they work with you on suggesting clever campaigns, optimization and how to better use your data! They are very strong on tech and have perhaps the best client support team with regards to deep dive and issue resolutions. Always a pleasure working with them:)

Himanshu Periwal

Vice President - Growth

CleverTap has been an effective platform for us to engage with our users in a timely fashion. Many studies have shown that at least one out of 2 shoppers have said that they would go through with the purchase of products left in their cart, if they were approached again; so we wanted to leverage this situation early on. CleverTap's action/inaction campaigns really enabled us to reach out and convert users who abandoned their carts. Their ability to engage with users in real time has changed the game for us with increased conversions from abandoned cart scenarios and I would highly recommend them to others in this space.

Revant Bhate

Head of Marketing

CleverTap helped us understand our users better and smarter. The Clever Campaigns feature especially saves a good amount of time in setting up campaigns, segmenting and targeting the users. A great tool for analytics & marketing automation.

Srikanth CH

Product & Strategy

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