Case Study

How Carousell increased Week 3 Retention by 71%

71%Increase in week 3 retention rates
73%Improvement in avg CTRs with personalization

The Carousell story

Carousell offers a digital marketplace for new and secondhand goods — giving millions of users across Southeast Asia the chance to sell and buy easily. Users include LEGO fans, bike enthusiasts, comic book collectors, and even sneakerheads. In recent years, Carousell has also been building up its cars and property categories. Carousell makes selling as simple as taking a photo and buying as easy as sending a message. With 250 million listings and counting, Carousell brings sellers and buyers across 7 countries together.


  • User Data Maximizing user retention
  • Segmentation Increasing customer lifetime value
  • Targeted Engagement Personalizing recommendation
With a clear objective of building a community-based marketplace, Carousell wanted to ensure a highly personalized experience for all users along with easy product delivery for buyers. To that end, they’ve always had user engagement top of mind. However, they encountered additional challenges on their path to success.


With CleverTap, Carousell can understand the incremental impact of all their campaigns, which helps them improve conversions and ROI. Being able to understand campaign performance and remove friction points means the team is not only creating a seamless experience for their customers, they’re also tracking and contributing to the bottom-line metrics that matter for their business: weekly active buyers and weekly active sellers.

Push Notification

For Carousell, it is crucial to nudge their users and remind them to start a chat with the buyer. They send personalized push notifications that include listings each user has shown interest in, dramatically improving engagement rates.

Advanced Analytics

Funnels and Quick Analysis to better understand where users are coming from, what actions are they taking inside the app, and identify where they are dropping off.

Real-Time Recommendations

Carousell sends personalized recommendations on a weekly basis based on each user’s likes and browsing behavior. They also update inventory catalogs as often as possible to ensure users aren’t sent recommendations for out-of-stock items.

“Pairing Carousell’s own AI and machine learning work and with CleverTap’s capabilities in the same domain has helped to enhance the push experience for buyers on the platform.”

Arun Kumar Head of Digital Marketing at Carousell  

What’s next?

The Carousell team will stay close to their active community while enhancing the buying and selling experience for new users. They’re always looking for ways to remove friction in the buying and selling process, allowing sellers to list faster and more efficiently, and buyers to find what they’re looking for more easily.