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The Efficiency Conundrum for Marketers

Not so long ago, there was a time when marketing budgets seemed infinite and marketing teams were encouraged to innovate, fail and learn. However, those times have changed and now on one hand marketing budgets are continuously being slashed and on the other hand, marketers are being told to drive for higher outcomes and outputs. This is where the paradox lies for marketing teams – not only do more, but do better with less.

The focus on marketing efficiency has never been greater. And so what can marketers do today?

In our latest webinar with Forrester, Sam Conway (Principal Consultant, Forrester) and Subharun Mukherjee (VP, PMM, Clevertap) dive into this new world order of marketing to identify the exact problems marketers face today and potential solutions to these. IN this insightful session, learn:

  • How to tackle issues of operational inefficiency, low user engagement, lack of cross channel campaign coordination

  • How marketing teams are driving business results using marketing tools like personalization, micro-segmentation and more

  • How to gain a unified cross-channel view of customer behaviour to improve CLV

  • The tips and tricks and tools marketers are using to thrive in todays tough times.

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