Case Study

How GlowRoad Minimized Churn and Quadrupled Repeat Transactions with CleverTap

4xRepeat transactions with CleverTap campaigns
100%Increase in M1 retention rates for transacting users
10%reduction in D0-D7 uninstall rates despite a 17x growth in user acquisition

The GlowRoad Story

GlowRoad is one of the fastest growing reseller platform in India, enabling millions of users to resell from lakhs of products in GlowRoad. Following the vision of #BeYourOwnBoss, it gives resellers access to a virtual shop, millions of products from trusted suppliers at wholesale prices, payments and shipping facilities, thereby removing the hassles of starting an online business. Taking care of all the heavy lifting, they let users seamlessly sell products and earn from home.


  • User Data User Data
  • Segmentation Segmentation
  • Targeted Engagement Targeted Engagement

While tracking major metrics like retention rates, the number of transacting resellers and app usage, the team observed a few areas that required attention.
To start with, there wasn’t much user data available for the team to work upon, which led to the lack of data-driven decisions and no possibility for performing user segmentation. Moreover, user engagement was limited to acquisition and first transaction, and retention was not paid enough importance to. Another area that GlowRoad wanted to focus on was repeat user transactions, which was proving to be a challenge for the team. To overcome these problem areas, GlowRoad wanted to onboard a platform that could help the team with analytics, and improve engagement and retention metrics.


GlowRoad partnered with CleverTap with an initial focus of setting up analytics and establishing user engagement. Earlier, the absence of segmentation and analytical capabilities prohibited them from performing targeted communication based on user attributes, which changed with CleverTap. CleverTap’s user retention platform lets GlowRoad make better use of data. As it’s built on AWS infrastructure, it can process billions of data points in less than a second which helps GlowRoad identify, target, engage, measure, and monetize buyers, and sellers on its app. Additionally, CleverTap comes packed with possibilities like user behavior analytics, segmentation based on past behavior, interests and transactions, along with experience optimization capabilities through control testing, omnichannel orchestration and a lot more. Thus, enabling GlowRoad team to make more informed and data-driven decisions. GlowRoad is able to engage resellers on the app with relevant communication in order to increase repeat transactions.


By analyzing user funnels, GlowRoad is able to see a clearer picture of their reseller journey as well as the drop off points. This helps them create communication that reaches them at an optimal time. Thus, reducing churn and increasing user engagement along with maximizing CLTV.


RFM allows GlowRoad to automatically segment and analyze their audience on Recency, Frequency and Monetary bases. This provides an opportunity for them to understand how frequently and recently they’ve launched the app and accordingly build engagement and retention strategies tailored for each segment.


With user retention cohorts and other analytics capabilities, GlowRoad measures critical metrics like retention rates. They further use this data to create interest based campaigns to improve retention metrics.

Intent Based Segmentation

With Intent Based Segmentation approach, GlowRoad is able to segment resellers based on their intent to perform a transaction and thereby maximize the ROI on their marketing spend. Which allows them to direct their efforts and set highly targeted campaigns to engage all three Intent Segments – Most Likely, Moderately Likely and Least Likely.

Alimpan Barua

“From the time we have started working with CleverTap, we are sending relevant notification everyday at scale, gathering actionable insights, tracking campaign performances, improving signups, boosting orders, increasing transactions along with boosting our repeat transaction. And all these have led to a better picture in terms of retention metrics.” Alimpan Barua AVP – Product & Growth at GlowRoad

What’s next?

While GlowRoad’s goal of tracking, and improving engagement and retention metric is already taking place with CleverTap, they are not staying behind in terms of planning for the future. As CleverTap is helping them understand and fix the leaky bucket, they are seeing a significant improvement in their DAU and repeat transactions. Moving forward, GlowRoad plans to expand their business by introducing a membership program to encourage their resellers to have a long-term relationship with them. While they plan to launch this in phases, this approach can definitely be seen as something that will positively impact their retention metrics.