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Case Studies

How a Leading B2B Ecommerce Platform Doubled Its Overall Business with Engagement + Analytics

Our Customer’s Story

In today’s world, if a store can’t be accessed online, is it even visible? The question of digital vs. physical has occupied the minds of thousands of Indian textile and apparel manufacturers and sellers for quite some time. The answer is to have an omnichannel presence, marrying brick-and-mortar with online.

Our customer is a business-to-business ecommerce platform that caters to small and medium businesses in the apparel space. The platform helps retailers and manufacturers expand their business by assisting them in building an online presence. They also offer retailers access to brands at lucrative prices and profit margins. Today, they’ve emerged as a leading digital destination for fashion and lifestyle with the affirmation of shopkeepers across 150+ Indian cities and 20+ states. To understand how they use CleverTap to boost engagement and conversions, we spoke to Tejas Kothari, who works as the Digital Marketing Manager. His team’s responsibilities include planning and orchestrating communication through various channels to increase orders on the app.


Need for an Advanced Engagement Platform

To forge strong relationships with its users, they needed an integrated analytics and engagement platform that could help them create consistent brand experiences across channels.

Segmenting Users Easily

The team needed a sophisticated segmentation engine to help them identify key users based on how recently and frequently they performed an event. This could help them assess the health of the user base, prevent churn, and boost conversions.

Converting Users Quickly

Their North Star metric is the number of orders received. By understanding user behavior and segmenting users into distinct groups, they are able to craft contextual communications that boost their conversion rates.


Their search for an all-in-one engagement platform that could deliver personalized, consistent, and timely communication ended with CleverTap. “After using CleverTap, we’ve seen a multi-fold increase in the business we have,” observes Kothari.

Psychographic Segmentation and RFM to Identify Distinct User Groups

Our customer relies on psychographic segmentation to get a complete view of user behavior and preferences based on interests and habits. Psychographic segmentation relies on machine learning to optimize their campaigns by knowing their predominant interests. This insight helps them send brand-related offers that convert users better.

Using RFM, they divide users into three key segments: the first group of champion users who place orders of high value, the second group of users who place orders of medium value and need attention or are at risk of becoming inactive, and the third group of hibernating users who are not active on the app.

“These RFM grids help us in tackling user churn. By combining it with CleverTap’s intelligent user property segmentation, we are able to craft highly targeted marketing campaigns. We also personalize and send tailored messages to our user base,” explains Kothari. By combining RFM segmentation along with the best time feature for a campaign, our customer saw a higher CTR in comparison to a campaign that didn’t use RFM.

Recurring Triggered Campaigns to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment rates are high on mobile devices. A one-time email may not be enough to bring users back to their cart and motivate them enough to complete the purchase. As a solution, recurring campaigns are triggered the moment users abandon their shopping carts.

“To tackle cart abandonment, we’ve created campaigns that are sent after a user has added an item to the cart but hasn’t proceeded to the payment page. We remind users that the items in the cart can go out of stock or offer them a discount to entice them to complete the purchase,” notes Kothari. Their cart drop-off campaigns have helped them convert about 50% of cart abandoners into customers.

Triggered Campaigns to Reduce Cart Abandonment

Best Time to Boost Campaign Click-Through Rates (CTRs) and Conversions

Key metrics tracked by our customer includes the CTRs for their campaigns and the numbers of orders placed. After tracking the CTRs for different user segments, they plan the next set of communications based on the best time to convert the users. Using best time optimizes the message-send time based on when the user is most active on the app.

“If we have a lucrative deal going on, we use the best time feature and remove the campaign from any campaign limits. We’ve seen a significant jump in the CTRs for our push notifications,” adds Kothari.


For our B2B Ecommerce customer, CleverTap’s analytics and engagement solutions have been a key contributor to the 46% boost in the number of viewers. A campaign that uses RFM saw a conversion rate of 11.05% with a CTR of 1.5%. Overall, using CleverTap has contributed to a two-fold increase in business.

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