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Case Studies

How Simpl Boosts Operational Efficiency and Reduces Errors by Automating Engagement

The Simpl Story

Simpl is India’s fastest-growing checkout payment network. It is a payment option that enables merchants to give customers the fastest checkout, a pay-later facility and buyer protection.

With over 26,000 merchants and 25 million users across categories such as grocery, medicine, travel, and lifestyle, Simpl empowers merchants to build trusted relationships with customers, one transaction at a time.

To understand how CleverTap helps Simpl engage with users across the lifecycle, we spoke to Devyani Saxena from the growth product team.

Her responsibilities include curating the user lifecycle and retention to ensure users complete predetermined milestones that boost product stickiness. Some of her KPIs include metrics such as :

  • app downloads,
  • volume of transactions
  • total payments volume


Unlock Operational Efficiency

Initially, Simpl relied on an in-house tool to create campaigns. With the increase in business scale, they realized the need to invest in a robust marketing automation platform to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Reduce Time to Launch Campaign

Manually executing individual campaigns was too much of a hassle for the Simpl team. It robbed them of time and resources that could be spent more strategically.


After evaluating multiple options, Simpl’s leadership team chose CleverTap as their all-in-one engagement solution — to help the team ramp up their retention efforts and reduce errors and time when launching campaigns.

Advanced Segmentation and Campaigns to Engage Users Across the Lifecycle

Once the user interacts with Simpl — either by downloading the app or making the first transaction — the user is added to an onboarding journey. Popular

“Our initial communications educate the users about our product offering and influence good behavior like timely repayment and using Simpl to pay for their orders across multiple categories. We have built a nurturing journey to ensure a healthy relationship with our users, repeat transactions and increase payment volume,” remarks Devyani.

Using various conditional logics, they ensure that a user is present in a single journey at a time. The user is migrated into the next journey only when the goal of the previous journey is achieved.

Simpl uses a combination of user actions, inactions, and user properties to segment its user base. “We segment users based on their behavior and how they fare against our KPIs like frequency of transactions, the volume of transactions, or total payments volume” says Devyani.

Additionally, they use RFM to segment users based on their recency, frequency, and payment volume. The insights from RFM help them fine-tune their customer engagement strategy across the lifecycle.

Personalizing User Experience using CleverTap’s APIs

The growth team at Simpl uses APIs to find users who perform (or do not perform) a particular set of actions. “We have certain prerequisite conditions to qualify users for our journeys. In the case of our reactivation journey, if the user has been inactive for X defined days, with all other user properties indicating a healthy signal, we engage with the user,” she adds.

In this journey, users are notified at a frequency that best suits their behavior to ensure the user achieves the expected goals of the journey.


In comparison to their internal dashboard, leveraging CleverTap to support their user engagement strategy has helped them improve operating efficiency. “Scaling up with our internal dashboards was messing up with our operational efficiency, so that’s why we moved to CleverTap. It has helped us reduce the human errors that could happen when we execute our journeys,” notes Devyani.

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