Case Study

How Increased their Conversion Rates by 43%

43%Increase in conversion rate
Up to $200kIncrease in monthly revenue

The story

Think of any major city in the world and a common challenge faced by residents and visitors alike is finding a parking space. With customers today used to booking every experience in advance, from amusement park trips to dinner at a fine dining establishment, it became clear to the founders that there was a real need for a reservation system that facilitates fast and convenient parking. That’s how was born.

Today, is the leader in parking space reservations in the US, covering every major city in the US, plus Toronto, Canada. The brand also offers exclusive deals on dining, plus movie and event tickets.


  • User Data Detailed user analytics
  • Segmentation Optimizing campaigns
  • Targeted Engagement Personalized messaging

With both a website and mobile application, the marketing and product team wanted a tool that could help them drill down into the data of individual users to fully understand their activity across devices. However, their existing analytics solution could not provide them with the detailed metrics needed to gain a meaningful understanding of their users.


To increase engagement and conversions, the marketing team used Funnels to understand where their users were dropping off across both the website and the app. Equipped with real-time customer insights, they were able to orchestrate triggered campaigns that helped them reduce abandoned shopping carts and increase conversions. Understanding the end-to-end user journey also helped them identify which events and properties they needed to analyze, which meant they were finally tracking the metrics that truly mattered to their business.


With Funnels, the team could visualize how users were navigating their website and app and where they dropped off. This helped them fine-tune the product and improve the user experience.

Triggered campaigns

User inactions like abandoned carts were drastically reduced by sending scheduled messages with deep links to a product. With omnichannel support from CleverTap, the team could reach out to users on their preferred channels.


Features like unified user profiles allow for better segmentation, which creates customized campaigns that resonate more effectively with users. By using cohorts, the team at could measure user retention and engagement on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


“CleverTap introduces a new way of tracking and visualizing product analytics to drive exponential growth for any data-driven tech company.” Meelad Menbari Marketing Lead at

What’s next? will expand its parking coverage in existing cities and launch in new locations and continents. The team intends to be the one-stop destination for all things pertaining to deals.