A Complete Guide to User Engagement

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What is User Engagement?

It simply refers to the meaningful actions undertaken by app users with your brand. It can be defined further as the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral connection between a user and your technology. Most user drop-offs for mobile apps happen within the first 3 to 7 days. Engagement is the key toward their returning and converting.

Why a Guide?

For mobile app marketers, it’s crucial to track the success of engagement strategies. This means knowing and understanding often important factors such as: conversions, frequency and recency of use, customer behavior within the app, even consumer psychology. We want to make this easier to understand for everyone.

What Will You Learn?

The web is full of confusing, sometimes conflicting information on engagement. This guide seeks to clarify what user engagement is. We will link to useful resources that give you a more comprehensive understanding of engagement so that you can create marketing campaigns that turn casual users into rabid champions.

Getting Started with User Engagement

User Engagement 101! What is mobile app engagement? Why is it so crucial to success? And how do we use it to turn our apps from casual entertainment into full-fledged habits? Read on.

Mastering Mobile App Engagement and Retention

The idea is to create engaging experiences at every stage of the user lifecycle. This ebook discusses several user engagement strategies to engage (and retain) your users, and even win back those who have churned.


The Psychology Behind Highly Engaging Apps

Want to get users hooked on your app? Discounts and freebies will only get you so far. Learn how to apply these powerful psychological principles to deliver a habit-forming user experience.


How to Crack the Mobile App User Engagement Code

A comprehensive look at solid tactics for optimizing user engagement within your mobile app as well as ensuring your user engagement continues to bring in revenue in the future.

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Push Notification Best Practices from Today’s Most Successful Apps

Done right, push notifications can drive mobile app engagement, retention, and revenue in a big way. This graphic outlines 35 examples of the best push notifications used by some of today’s most successful apps.

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Using Personalization & Segmentation to Improve Engagement

Getting the user to engage with your app and your messaging might seem like a straightforward thing. But without tools such as personalization and segmentation, you are doomed to fail your efforts. Find out why.

The Trifecta of Personalization: Behavior, Time, and Location

Personalization can be broken down across three axes: behavior, time, and geographic location. Here’s how to master all three factors when building user engagement campaigns.


Real Time, Personalized Marketing: Best Bet for Beating the Competition

The secret to personalized marketing? Live user segmentation. Here’s what it is and how to use it in your mobile app marketing strategy to beat your competitors.

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How to Leverage Mobile Shopping Habits for Better User Engagement

Here’s how mobile commerce is changing the shopping experience and how we can use M-commerce lessons in segmentation and personalization to enhance our own brands.

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6 Personalized Campaigns That Promise to Attract and Retain App Users

How do you make sure your app is one of the favorites? Here are six pre-built marketing templates that use personalized content to engage and retain customers.

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Metrics to Monitor the Success of Your User Engagement Strategy

Better user engagement leads to retention, and eventually revenue, referrals, and growth. But which metrics should you measure in order to track and report on the success of your engagement strategies?

How to Measure Your App’s Health with User Engagement Metrics

These seven user engagement metrics show how healthy your app is on various layers – from daily uninstalls to the number of active users, to session lengths, and much more.

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The Definitive Guide to Mobile App Metrics

Mobile ROI doesn’t have to be complicated. Here is a rundown of all the crucial app metrics you should be tracking and how they can spell success – or failure –for your brand.

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The 7 Key Mobile App Metrics You Should Track

Mobile app analytics might be confusing with all the acronyms, but these 7 metrics are easy. These will measure adoption, retention, and growth, along with some industry benchmarks to help you gauge success.

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Do Mobile App ROI Measurements Give You the Heebie-Jeebies?

Stop being scared off by the prospect of calculating ROI for your app marketing campaigns. This comprehensive post outlines every formula you need to use to get accurate numbers.

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Success Stories in Increasing App Engagement

Here are examples of brands across the globe whose efforts at growing user engagement have resulted in success after success. Read on to discover their engagement secrets and best practices.

How the Denver Broncos Grew Conversion Rate by 15%

Read how the Denver Broncos used push marketing campaigns to enhance user engagement, resulting in increased conversion rates up to 15%

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How Black Friday Increased App Engagement by 10%

Find out how BlackFriday sent promotional coupons at the perfect time and increased user engagement by 10%.

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How Vodafone Improved CTRs by 15%

Discover how Vodafone scaled their personalized campaigns, doubled conversions, and improved click-through rates by 15%.

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How MobiKwik Reduced Uninstalls by 20%

Learn how MobiKwik reduced uninstalls by 20% and doubled their mobile app engagement using timely personalized campaigns.

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How CleverTap Helps Growth Teams Boost User Engagement

CleverTap’s user engagement tools not only give you the capability to build highly contextual campaigns, but also the ability do so at scale using artificial intelligence. We recommend the following CleverTap features to get you started.


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