Case Study

How Ballebaazi Achieved 25% Conversion Rate on its Fantasy Sports Platform

18%higher first time conversions with journeys
25%conversion rate for omnichannel campaigns
14%increase in 3-month retention rates

The Ballebaazi Story

Ballebaazi, a bootstrapped startup under the umbrella of Baazi games, was founded in 2018 with the mission of creating “The Best Fantasy Sports Experience” for cricket fans. Baazi now has three extremely popular games: Ballebaazi, which focuses on fantasy sports, as well as Pokerbaazi and Rummybaazi, which focus on online skill-based card games.The app started out as a simple web interface in January 2018, eventually launching as both iOS and Android apps in September 2018. Since then, Ballebaazi has seen average month-over-month user growth of over 30%, with 3 million users across platforms and over 1 million active app users.


  • User Data Tracking user behavior
  • Segmentation Effective user segmentation
  • Engagement Campaigns Omnichannel campaigns

The Indian Premier League (IPL), one of the biggest cricketing leagues and sporting events in the world, is a major event for the Ballebaazi team. They want to ensure that the upcoming editions event allows them to effectively engage users and prompt repeat transactions on the app.

But the team struggled with running customer analytics, building user segments, and orchestrating omnichannel campaigns that sent the right offer, to the right user, at the right time, on the right channel.

In order to personalize the app experience for each user, they needed a tool that could capture a wide variety of app events, including users signing up and joining leagues, as well as deposit size, app launch frequency, and more. They wanted to avoid using point solutions that required their data analytics team to run lengthy and complex data models, manually parse data to build segments, and load data into multiple portals in order to run campaigns


Since Ballebaazi sees new user acquisition grow by over 30% month over month, the most important metrics for them are Daily Active Users (DAU), Monthly Active Users (MAU), and increase in First-Time Depositing Users (FTDU).

To increase MAU and DAU, they needed to understand the user journey and eliminate possible drop off points. To accomplish this, Ballebaazi uses Funnels and Flows to understand how users navigate the app and identify specific friction points.

They’re now able to maximize the number of FTDU by offering a seamless onboarding experience. They create omnichannel Journeys campaigns to onboard new users that span the new user experience, from signing up and joining a league through collecting winnings at the end of a game.

Ballebaazi is also creating a series of Journeys that will cater specifically to users acquired during the busy IPL season, which will aid long-term user retention even after the tournament ends. The A/B testing feature allows the team to optimize their user experience and messaging.


Journeys allow Ballebaazi to build seamless omnichannel engagement campaigns for each stage of the customer journey, from onboarding to engagement, thereby leading to long term retention.


Funnels allow Ballebaazi to get deep insights into their user journey to learn how users are engaging with the app and identify drop-off points.

Automated Segmentation

Automated Segmentation based on RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value) allows them to create detailed user segments, nudge more users to repeat key in-app actions, and understand how users transition between stages.


“With our 3 million user base and an ever-increasing dataset, CleverTap empowers us to take quick actions with its powerful analytics suite. Their AI-driven RFM segmentation helps us understand how users move through various lifecycle stages. It has also helps us decentralize data within the organization and create a much-needed data-driven culture” Parth Sharma Chief Strategy Officer at Baazi Games

What’s next?

Ballebaazi is on the path to acquire more users and turn them into brand advocates by providing a superior fantasy gaming product and the best customer experience. They are building a slew of innovative features including a one-of-a-kind reward program, partnership program, season passes for sporting events, and introducing a plethora of new fantasy formats like basketball and volleyball as well as venturing into virtual games and sports quizzes.