Aurélie Genet On Inventive Mindsets and Focused Frameworks For Sustainable Retention

The best retention strategy is long-term and company-wide. This is the view of Aurélie Genet, a product marketing leader who has pioneered retention efforts and user acquisition strategies at companies like Flo Health, Skyscanner, and Trainline. In this episode, she talks with our host Peggy Anne Salz about her Growth Triangle—a simple framework for robust retention—and the importance of intellectual honesty. Aurélie encourages companies to be candid about their product, their competitors, and how they fit into the world and their industry. Most importantly, though, she reminds marketers that user empathy and context, not tricks and “get rich quick” schemes, are the foundations of a strong retention strategy.“The Big Leap,” a video interview series featuring the most respected CMOs and executives globally, reveals the steps, strategies and stories that have allowed marketers to achieve growth through retention. The series is hosted by Peggy Anne Salz.