A Data Science Study of Subscription Apps

We analyzed over 2 billion messages to find out what really works and the answer is: get personal!

This report will guide you through the 4 levels of the Personalization Journey and how they help you achieve 7x your conversions with personalized messaging.

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What’s Inside?

We’ve gathered data across billions of message and engagement events and gained critical insights on how you can leverage the power of personalization to better convert, engage, and ultimately compete in this vast market. See how subscription and renewal rates skyrocket with personalization strategies based on cost-effective Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

  • Why Read This Report?
    • We analyzed over 53 million engagement events such as subscriptions, upgrades and renews from subscription apps in Fitness, Dating, Music, Video/Photo Editing & more

    • Discover what are the four levels of the Personalization Journey for and how to leverage them to increase revenue per message

    • Find out the importance of collaboration between marketing and development teams to bring personalized user journeys to life

    • Check out the effectiveness of combining past and current in-app behavior to create personalized experiences that convert and retain users

Cover of the Data Science Report for Subscription apps

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