With UA costs at an all-time high, retention and lifetime value are critical to your game’s survival.

Mobile Game Studios and Publishers need agility to adapt to player behaviors, the data to derive insights, & tools to engage players in realtime at the moment of need.

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The All-In-One Platform for Player Experience Management  Maximizing Lifetime Value

Trusted By The Leading Mobile Publishers And Studios Globally

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Player Experience Management From Onboarding to Monetization to Reactivation

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Onboard players and get them hooked into your core loop – fast


Engage your players across multiple messaging channels and prompt them back into your game to finish onboarding

Bring them to your game from wherever they are, and get them started with a guided tour to educate them and prompt them to achieve early key milestones.


Optimize the new player experience through experimentation

Experiment with FTUE variants to continuosly iterate and refine the new player experience.


Keep players active


Boost stickiness with tactical event control.

Manage, plan and excecute in-game events, special promotions, or limited-time offers using the CleverTap Gaming LiveOps Calendar.


Keep the game experience challenging and dynamic.

Optimize game design parameters such as level difficulty, asset strength, and resource availability to keep players focused, challenged, and motivated in your progression loops.


Drive In-Game Monetization


Drive In-App Purchases with custom offers tailored to player behavioral events

Effortlessly craft visually stunning in-app templates using the image interstitial editor or custom HTML.

Exercise precise control over the in-game experience using player behavioral triggers seamlessly integrated to provide relevant offers for streaks, defeats, and other key mechanics essential to gameplay. Power and target rewards like in-game currency, power-ups, and access to limited-time promotions and special events.

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Increase ARPU with dynamic player personalization.

Curate and personalize the appearance and availability of currency bundles, packs, and cosmetics in your game store front to drive more in-game purchases. Deploy variables to proactively optimize and manage the game session for key player segments.

Move beyond hypothesis and experimentation into feature flagging and then real-time configuration of level, mini-games, battles, and other other core game mechanics.

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Implement an Ad monetization strategy integrated into gameplay

Drive monetization by incentivizing player engagement with rewarded videos, offer walls and other media. Experiment with ad placement, ad variants, and cool-down periods to maximize ad monetization.


Maximize Retention


Keep players hooked with dynamic narratives and evergreen content

Update storylines, limited time events, or meta features based on real-world events, seasons, or player demographics. Speed up level progression to get newer players into your core content faster and accelerate your content treadmill to keep mature paying players interested and engaged.


Effortlessly extend the lifecycle of players through fully-automated campaigns and journeys with an industrial-grade Player CRM

Trigger daily rewards & reminders to build and maintain habitual play. Promote gifts to at-risk players to automatically identify and engage with players at risk of churning.

Power Winback campaigns to fully automate cross-channel messaging to lapsed players. Cross-promote new titles when the player is ready to try other games in your Portfolio and experiment with different emotional sentiments for messages using CleverTap’s AI-driven automated message generation.

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De-silo, Align & Collaborate

Driving Operational Efficiency for Game/Product, Marketing, and Engineering Teams by Democratizing LiveOps and Game Management
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    Autonomy In Execution

    Enable Game Teams to directly manage in-game monetization and personalization. Drive operational efficiency by enabling the creation and execution of a robust event pipeline.

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    Enable Engineering Teams

    End the constant backlog of event and game config tickets your technical resources are working against. Liberate engineering teams to focus on what’s most important – meta features and new game development.

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    Faster Time-to-Value

    Reduce LiveOps and CRM setup time by removing engineering bottlenecks.y.  Quickly stream data out of the platform for additional modeling and data science analysis.  Build and analyze segments with the touch of a button – no SQL or coding required.

Empower Your Team to Create, Deliver, and Manage
World-Class Player Experiences Effortlessly

Leverage More Data To Drive Deeper Player Connections

Harness the power of every single player event,  attribute, or property throughout their lifetime with CleverTap’s next-gen data infrastructure, Tesseract.
  • 2000

    In-game events

  • 250

    Attributes per event

  • 2000

    User properties

10+ Years

Longest data retention offered in our space

40% Average Savings on Data Costs

Improve ROI with the most cost-effective solution on the market

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