Level Up Your Player Journey Personalization Forever

Boost new revenue at never-before-seen economies of scale with the only solution that provides real-time understanding of players’ actions and integrates lifecycle marketing, LiveOps, and remote configuration for a holistic player experience.

Maximize Efficiency With Our All-in-One Platform

Addressing every need of lifecycle marketers, LiveOps managers, and developers, CleverTap Gaming is the all-in-one platform that easily integrates into your existing game configuration server.

  • Enhanced EngagementEffective In-Game Events

    Employ more effective in-game events and promotions that lead to higher ARPU and player retention.

  • Increased Conversion RatesUnlimited Data Volume

    TesseractDB powers access to unlimited lookback on player data, making insight affordable and in real time.

  • Reduced ChurnReal-Time Player Engagement

    Sophisticated behavioral triggers allow real-time engagement campaigns with rapid prototyping to test new ideas.

  • Cost OptimizationMultichannel Campaigns

    Unified drag-and-drop campaign composition flows across all channels with advanced branching and conditional logic.

  • Cost OptimizationAdvanced Segmentation

    Create powerful behavioral segmentation with our drag-and-drop audience builder, for more targeted campaigns.

  • Cost OptimizationHyper-Personalization

    Improve offer relevancy by using more than 2,000 unique player attributes for personalization.

Engage Your Most Valuable Players, Drive Revenue Growth

CleverTap Gaming is the all-in-one player engagement platform that empowers deeper understanding of player actions so you can engage them in real time — all from one dashboard.

  • Increased Conversion RatesDrive In-Game Microtransactions

    Increase player satisfaction & in-game revenue with advanced multichannel campaigns.

  • Reduced ChurnHigher Return on Investment

    Boost operational efficiency with top-rated usability & reduce dependency on technical teams.

  • Cost OptimizationReal-Time Optimization

    Gain access to seamless testing & instant understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

  • Cost OptimizationPowerful Segmentation

    Use a drag-and-drop audience builder and activate powerful behavior-triggered campaigns.

  • Cost OptimizationUnlimited, Real-Time Player Data

    TesseractDB has no limits on data volume & granularity — access the entire history of player actions.

  • Infrastructure built for scale, speed and security

    Powered by TesseractDBTM, the world’s first purpose-built database for user engagement and retention, delivering incredible performance, lightning-fast data processing, and unlimited, secure storage capacity.
  • 24 Billion
    4 Billion
    5 Billion
    2.6 Million +

Increase Revenue Up to 3X Using our Personalization Ladder

Why my push notifications are not getting rendered on Android devices
How can a combination of LiveOps and Lifecycle Marketing boost revenue?
Why my push notifications are not getting rendered on Android devices
  • We analyzed 1,800 campaigns and 670M messages across push notifications, in-app, and email and found a common pattern of success: the Personalization Ladder.
  • This Personalization Ladder shows that increasing degrees of personalization — using behavioral segmentation, triggering, and content personalization — positively impacts revenue per message.
  • Climbing the ladder requires effort from a player engagement team — but that’s easy with CleverTap Gaming’s superior ease of use.

Want to Delight Your Players?

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