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Case Studies

How a Leading UAE Ecommerce Brand Leverages Personalization to Boost Conversions by 400%

Our Customer’s Story

Launched in 2011, our customer is the largest online fashion retailer in the Middle East with over 1,200 international brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and MAC Cosmetics.

To understand more about how they drive growth and retention using CleverTap, we spoke to Sahil Bhojwani. As the CRM lead, his key responsibilities include driving traffic to the website through channels like email, push, and in-app notifications. He also actively monitors the open rates, click-through rates (CTRs), conversions, and revenue generated.

“I also keep a close eye on the user drop-offs. It’s important for us to reduce the number of cart and wishlist abandonments so as to maximize revenue,” mentions Bhojwani.


Lack of Advanced User Segmentation

Effective user engagement can only be achieved by laser-focused segmentation. Our customer’s previous user engagement solution couldn’t help them with segmenting users based on recency or frequency of app usage, nor did it have the capability to group users based on their likelihood to perform (or not perform) a particular activity.

Troubleshooting Low Delivery Rates

Certain mobile devices, like Chinese OEMs, are notorious for their low rates of delivering notifications. To drive traffic to the website and in turn, conversions and revenue, it was important for the CRM team to improve the delivery of push notifications to devices that weren’t receiving them.

Issues Within Event Attribution

With limited access to data points and historical data, the CRM team wasn’t able to craft truly personalized campaigns with specific triggers for each user, which resulted in unsatisfactory campaign performance.


Having recognized an imperative to solve their challenges, the team began looking for an automated, scalable, and secure ecosystem that could help them understand, segment, and engage with users in real-time—and they found a perfect match in CleverTap.

‘We chose CleverTap to help us accelerate our marketing automation and optimize and personalize our user journeys,” recounts Bhojwani.

Triggered Personalized Campaigns and Journeys to Increase Conversions and Revenue

Earlier, when a user abandoned the cart, the CRM team used to send generic notifications that asked the user to ‘check out the latest trends’ or ‘add a little extra accessory.’ But, these weren’t enough to incite the desired action from the user, leaving the team wondering how they could turn this situation around.

With CleverTap, marketing automation and personalization are now an indispensable part of our CRM strategy. They’ve designed multiple journeys that cover use-cases like cart, wishlist, search and browse abandonment.

“Now, we’ve moved from generic notifications to personalized and segmented notifications by adding certain specific details like product name, brand name, price, relevant image, cart count, along with a deep link to the product in the cart and wishlist,” explains Bhojwani.

“For example, if a user adds an Estee Lauder lipstick to their cart but then abandons the cart, we send a notification with the image of the exact Estee Lauder lipstick highlighting the discounted price we are offering,” he adds.

When it comes to search and browse abandonment, Bhojwani has created purchase-intent-based journeys for top-performing categories on the app to bring users back.

Automated Segmentation and RFM Analysis to Identify Distinct Segments of Users

For an ecommerce player like our customer, understanding the pulse of their users in real-time is crucial. As Bhojwani’s major focus lies in driving traffic and revenue through CRM, RFM analysis forms the core of the segmentation model.

RFM helps him go deeper to investigate parameters like user responsiveness to campaigns, at-risk users, and loyal users who contribute to a higher average order value (AOV).


Hyper-personalization has worked well for our customer. They’ve seen a 4x boost in conversions along with a massive 300% increase in revenue compared to the previous year.

Through the use of triggered push notifications, they’ve seen a 228% increase in Y-o-Y conversions, along with a 68% increase in in-app traffic.

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