Listen Or Die: E-commerce Giant Meesho On Why You Need To Listen To Customers In-App And Everywhere

Understanding your customers starts with listening to their needs. In practice, this means conducting ongoing conversations with your customers, using their preferred channels and delivering the messaging they appreciate. Meesho, a leading online shopping and reselling platform, is taking it a giant step further by turning customer listening into a company-wide mission. In this episode, our host Peggy Anne Salz speaks with Kirti Varun Avasarala, Meesho Chief Product Officer, about innovative marketing approaches paying huge dividends. He shares why “Listen or Die” is the golden rule at Meesho. He also reveals the benefits of following a disruptive strategy that puts lower pricing ahead of convenient commerce, effective push notifications and how to deliver shopping experiences that are off the charts.“The Big Leap,” a video interview series featuring the most respected CMOs and executives globally, reveals the steps, strategies and stories that have allowed marketers to achieve growth through retention. The series is hosted by Peggy Anne Salz.