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Customer Data & Analytics

Harness big-data to drive targeted customer engagement through automated segments, advanced analytics and actionable intelligence.

Customer Data Management

Ingest data from diverse sources and harness granular data for contextual customer engagements


Unleash the power of rich analytics and gain insights for informed decision making


Create micro-segments with ease to deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences

Experimentation & Optimization

Unlock the winning customer engagement strategy with real-time experimentation, continuous testing and customer lifecycle optimization.

A/B Testing

Improve campaign outcomes with continuous testing ensuring a data-driven business growth


Power your customer journeys with AI-driven experimentation thus maximizing ROI

Lifecycle Optimizer

Optimize your customer lifecycle with guided frameworks thus boosting customer engagement


Tailor customer interactions based on demographics, prior behavioral patterns, real-time actions and recommend next best experiences.

Personalized Experiences

Target customers with precision, personalize in real-time and recommend next best actions

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Product Recommendations

Delight your customers by recommending next best actions

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Linked Content

Contextualize campaigns based on real-time user actions by including dynamic content

Campaign Orchestration

Automate customer engagement leveraging multiple channels tailored and optimized for individual customer preferences and interests.


Create seamless experience across the customer lifecycle leading to an accelerated business growth

Email Automation

Create interactive and immersive email experiences that drive conversion

Web Messaging

Engage limitlessly with real-time and personalized web experiences


Empower businesses to make smarter, faster decisions with insightful, empathetic and prescriptive intelligence.

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Power your customer journeys with AI-driven experimentation thus maximizing ROI


Increase conversions with emotionally intelligent, Al-generated content

Predictive Segmentation

Engage effectively with customers that are predicted to have the highest conversion

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