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How can IntelliNODE help

Experiment at Scale

Unearth the optimal engagement strategy efficiently by experimenting at scale across multiple journey paths, considering various factors like campaign message, channel, timing, engagement frequency, and more, all within a single journey.


Optimize in Real-Time

Maximize conversion by automatically routing users in real-time through the best-performing journey path, established based on the conversion rate for the defined goals in the journey.


Evaluate Continuously

Adapt swiftly to nuanced market changes influenced by dynamic consumer preferences, seasonality, and other factors by continuously testing and assessing journey-path performance, ensuring a winning engagement strategy at all times.

Analyze In-Depth

Objectively assess your experiments results and refine your engagement strategies with comprehensive stats across different paths.

Learn how you can experiment and optimize journeys in real-time

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Unlock the Value of IntelliNODE

Enhance user sign-ups and initial transactions by identifying the optimum engagement strategy. Experiment and send customers to the path most likely to entice them to start the journey.

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Increase purchases, time spent and frequency of app usage by improving conversion rates by experimenting with the content, channel, and time of engagement. Get their attention with offers, products, and updates that really matter to them.

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Address drop-offs after add to the cart, viewing content, and so on, with highly contextual experiences. Recapture customer attention by experimenting and identifying the most effective product, service, or content, and restart their journey.

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Identify probable referral candidates and convert them with relevant offers. Uncover the right combination of offer, channel, and time of engagement that will transform them into loyal brand evangelists.

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How can IntelliNODE help


I would rate it a 10 for its ease of use and numerous possible use cases

Using IntelliNODE, we uplifted our marketing campaigns by easily experimenting with multiple possibilities and quickly converging on the optimum one. It opens up a new era of continuous experimentation for us, and we look forward to using IntelliNODE going forward.

Peter Takacs, Digital Product Manager


We were able to save time and effort as we could create a single journey instead of creating multiple complex journeys. It has directly impacted our conversion, engagement and retention rates. I would rate IntelliNODE a 10/10, and any brand that runs multiple complex user journeys should get their hands on IntelliNODE!”


Francisco Otera


Frequently Asked Questions

  • While planning to engage your customers, you will inevitably encounter the following questions:

    • Which is the best channel to use for engagement?
    • What is the optimal time to send an engagement?
    • How frequently should I send engagements?
    • What is the most effective order for sending engagements?
    • What type of content should I send?

    To find answers to these questions, you would normally need to conduct experiments. This is where IntelliNODE excels, as it allows you to create multiple paths and assess the performance of your experiments in a single journey based on different IntelliNODE conversion goals. Without IntelliNODE, you would have to create numerous journeys and then evaluate each one individually, which is both tedious and time-consuming.
  • Absolutely! IntelliNODE allows you to create intricate journey paths by stacking nodes both vertically and horizontally. Imagine it as a tree diagram where you can have child IntelliNODEs within the split paths of a parent IntelliNODE. This flexibility enables you to conduct complex experiments and explore various possibilities.
  • Not only will you receive statistics for the performing journey paths, but you will also obtain data on the non-performing paths. This comprehensive information will allow you to validate the decisions taken by the system giving you a holistic understanding of your journeys’ performance.
  • When using IntelliNODE for a controlled experiment, it is crucial to ensure unbiased results. Therefore, once users enter the journey, we randomly assign them to different paths. This random allocation helps maintain fairness and allows for accurate evaluation of the experiment’s outcomes.
  • We utilize the Multi-Armed Bandit algorithm to determine the optimal path. To learn more about this algorithm, you can find additional information tech.

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