Canifa Transforms Customer Engagement in Vietnam with CleverTap’s All-in-One Platform

  • 20% Increase in Retention Rate
  • 54% Boost in Conversion Rate
  • 7% Boost in RPU

With global brands flocking to Vietnam’s shores and domestic ones battling for market share to reduce their reliance on exports, all the players are enhancing their digital efforts to race ahead.

Canifa, a leading domestic player with clothing and accessories for men, women, and children, is no stranger to this philosophy. It has always believed in harnessing the best technologies for smooth, differentiated customer journeys and builds its shopping experience around a state-of-the-art app. We spoke to Mr. Hoang Quoc Khanh, MarTech Expert at Canifa to gain a better understanding of how Canifa has leveraged
the CleverTap platform.


$1.88 billion$2.88 billion
Vietnamese fashion retail revenue in 2023 according to StatistaEstimated market volume in 2027 with an annual growth rate of 11.36 percent


The Quest to Transform Engagement

Founded in 1997, Canifa now has more than 100 physical outlets countrywide and a strong omnichannel online presence. To win over a digitally mature customer in an increasingly fierce market, Canifa wanted to completely alter its customer engagement. But its existing basket of digital engagement tools had limited functionalities, leading to data silos and hampering real-time personalization.

To tackle this, Canifa was looking for better technology. The new tool would have to help bring together data to build a true 360-degree view of customers and offer a wide range of features, so Canifa could use it as a one-stop shop to continuously create deep segments and engage customers more effectively.

As a single platform that consolidates customer data,  helps marketers analyze it to understand and anticipate customer behavior in near-real time and use the analysis to create rich, personalized non-linear experiences across channels, CleverTap emerged as a clear choice to help Canifa meet its objective to transform its customer engagement into something more memorable and impactful.


How Canifa uses CleverTap

Having decided to go ahead with CleverTap, Canifa has successfully leveraged the All-in-One Engagement Platform to improve customer experience and boost satisfaction in a competitive environment for an especially fickle category. Here is how the marketing team at Canifa achieved this.

Understanding the Customer Better

As a robust underpinning to deep segmentation and a strong omnichannel strategy, Canifa has created a 360-degree customer view, combining customers’ online and offline engagement data. It has harnessed CleverTap’s ability to seamlessly co-exist with CDP systems such as PrimeData, to create this consolidated view.
With a detailed customer 360 in place, Canifa segments customers based on Demographic, Geographic, Technographic, Psychographic, and Behavioral criteria, using CleverTap’s deep segmentation capabilities. This continuous segmentation drives 
all digital marketing.



Creating Individualized Customer Experiences

Since Canifa aims to remain top-of-mind in a mature digital landscape where competitors and customers regularly engage on multiple channels, it needs to use its deep customer understanding to engage everywhere with tailored content 24/7.
For this, Canifa leverages the breadth of channels CleverTap offers for engagement throughout the funnel – SMS, Webhook, Web Push, Mobile Push, App Inbox, In App Messages, Native Display, Facebook and Google Ads, Web Pop-ups, Exit-Intent, and Email. Of all these, Push Notifications and App channels (both In App Messages and App Inbox) have helped Canifa garner the most traction.

Tailoring Omnichannel Journeys

To add another layer of memorability and personalization to modern, non-linear customer journeys, Canifa uses a powerful CleverTap capability – Orchestration. With this, a marketer can create unique journeys spanning channels that nudge customers to take a desired action triggered by their previous one.

For example, if a customer abandons their cart, Canifa can remind them in various ways about the items they left in their cart, and maybe even offer them a discount to complete their purchase. If a customer purchases an item of clothing, Canifa can recommend another that would go with it. These contextual nudges boost sales and customer satisfaction. Operational journeys like Thank you for your purchase and Order Status updates improve the customer experience. Importantly, Marketing Journeys that orchestrate personalized omnichannel campaigns considerably 
enhance marketing effectiveness. 



Transformed Engagement Unlocks Marketing Success

With CleverTap’s easy-to-use, comprehensive functionalities, Canifa’s marketers no longer have to depend on multiple tools or developers to analyze customer data and design and deliver individualized experiences based on the insights. In fact, they can now tailor experiences faster and on a larger scale than before.



The journeys and campaigns also have significantly better outcomes, helping the marketing team develop frameworks and best practices that can be applied quickly for greater marketing effectiveness in new and old scenarios.

Powering Future Growth with CleverTap

Whenever the Canifa team encounters difficulties exploring CleverTap’s vast capabilities, they have found the Customer Success and Support Team provides prompt, comprehensive, and accurate assistance.

This customer-centricity, along with the consistently positive results achieved using the platform’s superior capabilities, has laid the foundation for a long-term, strategic relationship. Canifa plans to implement CleverTap for upcoming brands in its portfolio.


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