How Social Fundraising Platform Ketto Increased Revenue by 30% using CleverTap

The Ketto Story

With over 2 million supporters, 30 thousand fundraisers, and $50 million raised, Ketto is Asia’s most-visited crowdfunding. Users can create and share fundraisers for free, get assistance from personal fundraiser managers, and receive 24/7 customer support. Ketto’s platform features all kinds of fundraisers, including creative, entrepreneurial, NGO, educational and personal projects.

By revolutionizing the process of giving, they’re working to ensure the voices of those in need are heard by the billions of people worldwide who want to help.

Ketto uses CleverTap to engage their users with personalized messages, encourage repeat purchases, and get real-time insights into the efectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Key results

13% Repeat Purchase

Increased repeat purchases from 6% to 19% by engaging users with personalized messages.

30% Revenue

Increased revenue by 30% by reengaging users who abandoned carts.


In an efort to encourage more users to donate to their favorite causes, the Ketto team began devising real-time communication and user engagement strategies to attract and retain users. Their goal was to increase the number of repeat donations, and reduce the number of abandoned carts.

But they were struggling with the huge amount of user data involved, and found that analyzing and reporting on that data took a lot of time. They needed a way to make faster decisions around their marketing strategies.

The Ketto team needed a real-time, data-driven marketing approach to accomplish these goals. So they turned to CleverTap for a solution.

  • Reduce Abandoned Carts
  • Data-Driven Engagement
  • Get Real-Time Reporting


By integrating with CleverTap, the team at Ketto can access real-time user data via the CleverTap Dashboard.

Ketto now has a single solution for mobile analytics and user engagement, consolidatin their marketing stack and reducing time-to-market. This has helped them attract and retain customers to quickly grow their business.

Thanks to personalized messaging and real-time user segments, the team has seen repurchase rates rise to 19% from 6% in just a couple of months. Revenue rose 30% due to recaptured abandoned carts.

Rich User Profiles & Live Segments

Ketto now better understands their users and can send the right messages at the right time. With more efective marketing campaigns, they’re driving even higher user engagement.

Retention Cohorts

With actionable insights into user behavior, Ketto can quickly address friction points and user churn without wasting time collecting, analyzing, and reporting on their data.

Scheduled and Triggered Campaigns

The Ketto team can schedule and automate messagingcampaigns based on real-time user behavior. As a result,user engagement rose from 6% to 19%, increasing User Lifetime Value.

“Be it fighting chronic illnesses, giving back to the community, or giving wings to a new idea, CleverTap’s multichannel marketing suite enables us to engage all our supporters — and get realtime customer insights that help us make informed marketing decisions.”– Zaheer AdenwalaCo-Founder & CTO at Ketto

What’s next

With CleverTap, Ketto now has a single solution for mobile analytics and user engagement, consolidating their marketing stack and reducing time-to-market. The ability to make marketing decisions based on real-time user data has helped them attract and retain customers to quickly grow their business.

While Ketto continues to connect people across the globe with the causes they care about, they will also focus on improving their user experience. And while CleverTap assists by providing data analysis and engagement, we will continue to believe in Ketto’s mission to make a real diference in the lives of all.


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