Case Study

How Booky Saw a 36% Increase in Open Rates with Email Add-on

36%Increase in open rates

The Booky Story

Before 2014, finding a good restaurant in Metro Manila was a daunting task due to unreliable information on the internet and dated booking systems. Booky was launched as a digital phonebook and restaurant booking app that could function even without the internet. Over time, they added a blog and began providing lucrative discounts for users on the platform.

The platform has since evolved to become a key player in food, retail, ecommerce, and lifestyle in the Philippines, partnering with over 4,000 establishments across the country and netting over a million users.


  • User Data Optimizing email deliverability
  • Personaliation Creating automated journeys
  • Campaign analytics Up-selling and cross-selling

As their user base grew and services diversified, they found it difficult to scale with their existing marketing automation partner. They faced limitations in the number of automated journeys they could create and were unable to communicate with users at every stage of the customer journey. For instance, once a user signed up on the platform and began the free trial, they weren’t able to create other automated journeys for situations where the user made a purchase or if their membership was about to expire.

As an app that was created to improve the everyday life of its users, they wanted a platform for powering email and mobile engagement campaigns to maximize growth. So, in October 2019, they left their previous automation partner and onboarded with CleverTap.

The Booky team also needed an intervention to resuscitate their domain health and amp up their open rates that dropped by 50% due to an erroneous email blast.


With CleverTap, the team at Booky received deliverability consultations that included monthly reports as well as IP warm up and configuration. Along with using Google postmaster to find ways to improve their email content, the enhanced onboarding process helped Booky learn best practices to optimize email deliverability. These interventions revamped their domain health and IP reputation. And with advanced A/B testing, Booky could make data-driven decisions to deliver the best version of their campaigns and better engage with their customers.

Email Add On

Email marketing is known to deliver the highest ROI. To create effective campaigns, Booky uses the Advanced Email add-on which helps them create hyper-personalized messages, automate testing, and coordinate cross-channel campaigns.


Combining the features of CleverTap along with their location data partner, Booky reaches out to users at various instances of the lifecycle with a series of Journey campaigns — once they’ve signed in, after their membership or free trial has expired, and if they are nearing expiration. They can also send reminders to users when they are near a location they have redeemed offers from in the past.

By building a rich user profile that captures granular insights like their last subscriptions, Booky orchestrates effective upselling campaigns. For instance, many users begin using the platform with a promo code that offers them a 3-month free trial of Booky Prime. Booky offers these users a discounted price to convert them into paying customers.

Omnichannel Messaging

Using various messaging channels like push, in-app, and email, along with personalizing and localizing their messages, Booky creates relevant campaigns that offer personalized discounts to users.

Behavioral Analytics

Cohorts help Booky track and analyze the performance of all their user journeys, providing them with actionable insights into how they can tweak their campaigns to improve user retention.

“We appreciate the consistent quality and quantity of new product updates brought to us by CleverTap. Also, their support team is very proactive and helpful whenever we face a hiccup.” Denise Fabella Digital Marketing Manager at Booky

What’s next?

Over the years, Booky has established itself as a platform that benefits both merchants and consumers. We are proud to partner with them on their journey to help Filipinos discover great local businesses and save money.