Retain Customers By Making Marketing Fun Again With OTB Digital’s Jarrett Thomas

Jarrett Thomas has generated over 5 million organic views on LinkedIn and closed $2 million deals on his couch. With his strategy, you can, too. Our host Peggy Anne Salz chats with Jarrett in this episode about the power of the personal brand and how envisioning digital differently skyrocketed Jarrett’s sales. Brands can no longer buy customer loyalty or connections. Instead, people want to buy from people. Therefore, Jarrett encourages marketers to step onto the sales floor to truly understand their customers and bring their whole selves to work. He and his team at OTB Digital, a creative agency that helps businesses with video content and creative marketing strategies, urge brands to incentivize personal branding and get curious about what differentiates them from competitors. Jarrett retains customers effortlessly with his daily LinkedIn posts and believes other brands can do the same—even on a limited budget. “LinkedIn is the biggest highway in the world,” Jarrett says. “And you get to put a billboard up every day.”