Increase conversions with emotionally intelligent, Al-generated content

Content that resonates emotionally with each user is the next step in
hyper-personalization. And Al makes it scalable.

Benefits of using Scribe

  • Enhanced Engagement
    Smarter content,with
    Emotion Sensor

    Auto-detect the tone of your text and create hyper-personalized copy that resonates emotionally with your users.

  • Increased Conversion Rates
    Faster content
    creation using AI

    With just a few keywords, you can auto-generate copy, remove writer’s block, and speed up your content generation process.

  • Reduced Churn
    Be agile, scale your

    Auto-generate copy with different emotions and continuously improve your conversions.

Try Scribe Now

Use emotionally-aware AI to optimize your marketing copy.

Generative AI powered emotionally resonant copy

Use the prompt area to rephrase a message, or to generate copy for your next campaign. No more writer’s block!

Original Message
{{ paraphrasedPrompt }}
Anticipation {{originalEmotions[0]}}% FOMO {{originalEmotions[1]}}% Joy {{originalEmotions[2]}}% Surprise {{originalEmotions[3]}}% Trust {{originalEmotions[4]}}%
Suggested Copy
  • {{ item.message }}
    Anticipation {{item.scores[0]}}% FOMO {{item.scores[1]}}% Joy {{item.scores[2]}}% Surprise {{item.scores[3]}}% Trust {{item.scores[4]}}%
    Anticipation 0% FOMO 0% Joy 0% Surprise 0% Trust 0%

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“Scribe has revolutionized our marketing strategies! This tool empowers our team to effortlessly create captivating campaign content infused with emotions like Anticipation, FOMO, Joy, Surprise, and Trust, reshaping our entire approach. The time saved by consolidating campaign crafting within Scribe is invaluable; no more bouncing between different tools. Our pinnacle achievement was a remarkable 4% CTR when we synergized Scribe with timer push notifications. Thanks to Scribe, we’ve experienced outstanding results, from elevated engagement to increased customer loyalty. Scribe is an indispensable ally on our journey towards impactful and efficient marketing.”

ParvathyParvathy, CRM, Loyalty Manager
Using CleverTap's solution, Betterhalf boosts their push notification render rate to 85%


“Scribe has improved our overall creative process, allowing us to be more efficient. We are able to reduce the time to generate large amount of ideas from days to minutes. We see this as an important tool that helps us achieve our marketing goals quicker.”

Izzat R., CRM – Strategy & Planning

The content generation process at Swiggy has been greatly expedited by Scribe. It has transformed the task of producing multiple copies for A/B testing and all other campaigns, making it quick and effortless, taking only a few minutes. The accelerated content generation has led to a remarkable enhancement in the effectiveness of our marketing endeavours, greatly increasing our outcomes from experimenting various content quicker and controlled.”

Rajavarman V, Senior Product Manager