Case Study

How Ayopop Reduced 90-day Churn by 15%

26%Increase in active users
15%Reduction in churn rates

The Ayopop story

While transactions in Indonesia were traditionally cash-based, the inconveniences of cash payments inspired Jakob Rost and Chiragh Kirpalani to create Ayopop, a one-stop digital solution that benefits both merchants and consumers.

Today, Ayopop is Indonesia’s fastest-growing mobile platform for consumer bill payments and digital transactions. With over 1,200 products, Ayopop is redefining the payment experience for Indonesian merchants and consumers.


  • User Data Understand User Behavior
  • Segmentation Onboard and Engage Users
  • Targeted Engagement Build Brand Awareness

As Indonesia shifts from a cash-based payment model to a digital one, there have been many challenges for fintech companies like Ayopop. First and foremost was building user trust around online payment platforms, especially in regards to data privacy and security, as well as brand awareness to capture both mindshare and market share.

The second challenge was to build a seamless onboarding process that could immediately showcase the app’s value to new customers. Educating users on the app’s features and benefits was necessary to keep customers coming back to the app.

The third challenge was to understand what customers were doing inside the app to discover reasons for drop-offs. The team at Ayopop was looking for the right tech stack that could help them address these issues.


With CleverTap, the team at Ayopop can understand and fine-tune the entire user journey. Every in-app user interaction is recorded as an event in their dashboard, and they can use Flows and Funnels to gain a deeper understanding of user behavior — not only in terms of what in-app actions they perform, but where and when they drop off.

Audience and campaign analytics

Using Funnels and cohort analysis, the Ayopop team analyzes campaign performance in real time to improve push CTR, conversion rates, and weekly and monthly active users.

Automated segmentation

Ayopop relies on automated segmentation to create user groups based on demographics; recency, and frequency of usage; likelihood to convert; and much more. With these segments in place, Ayopop can create unique, personalized campaigns that keep their audience engaged with the app.


With bulletins, Ayopop sends reminders that include the specific bill amount which can be paid by simply tapping the CTA button. This message also includes cashback deals to encourage repeat usage and long-term customer retention.


“We’ve been using CleverTap continuously for everything we do in terms of customer interactions. Our product teams also leverages CleverTap to understand the kind of product they should be building based on user affinity.” Vivek Bansal Head of Mobile at Ayopop

What’s next?

Ayopop is planning to diversify its offerings beyond bill payments by focusing on partnerships with ecommerce, traditional market players, and financial service companies. In the meantime, Ayopop is working on fine-tuning the end-to-end payment process and catering to the growing Indonesian market.