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The Complete Platform to Drive Growth

  • Whether you’re looking to improve activations & premium upgrades for your freemium app, or you need to increase retention for your premium-only app, we are the only solution to combine all the tools you need to do your job.
  • Personalize all touchpoints in the customer journey — both via messaging channels and the in-app experience — to achieve a seamless personalized experience and optimal ROI.
  • Build micro-segments visually using our built-in Audience Analytics. Flows, Pivots, Funnels, Cohorts, all available at blazing speeds, powered by TesseractDB™.
  • Be a data-driven marketer without the need to also be a developer.
Graphic showing that combining Lifecycle Marketing, In-App Experiences, and Audience Analytics makes for a complete growth platform.
Data Science Report

Unlock 7x Conversions With Behavior-Based Personalization, In-App Experiences and Content

  • In partnership with our Subscription App customers, we combed through data from over 10,000 campaigns and billions of messages and events to gather insights on the effects of personalization on conversions.
  • Taking users on a Personalization Journey brings a 7x increase in conversions.
  • Subscription apps with the highest conversions integrate behavioral-based segmentation, realtime personalization of the in-app experience, and message content customization.
  • When growth marketers are able to personalize both the messaging and the in-app experience, businesses see a massive increase in engagement, conversion, and revenue.
  • Climbing this personalization ladder requires effort, and CleverTap’s easy-to-use platform provides best-in-class operational efficiency via visual segmentation tools, drag & drop journeys, and the ability to A/B test anything without the need to be a data scientist.
Graphic showing the relationship between the revenue per message and the level of personalization. The three drivers for improving message ROI are behavioral segmentation, behavioral triggers, and personalized message content. Messages that use all three levers yield a 7x improvement of revenue per message.
Complete Solution

Multi-Channel Platform for Mobile Apps

Native Support
Native App Channels

Native support for Mobile Push, In-App Messaging, App Inbox, Product Experience, and Native Display

Email Capabilities
SMS, Email, and WhatsApp

SMS, Email, and WhatsApp capabilities out-of-the-box, to reach your users outside the app

Web channels
Web Channels

Complementary Web channels for your Subscription Web App (Web Push, Web Popups, Web Inbox, and Web Native Display)

Unleash the Power of TesseractDB™ for Best-in-Class Audience Analytics & Segmentation

RFM Analysis of your users. Clevertap automatically groups users into segments, and you can create campaigns for each segment with one click.
  • Up to 120% increase in conversions using Behavioral compared to Demographic Segmentation
  • Powered by TesseractDB™, our purpose-built and patent-pending database for user engagement. No more technical limitations around lookback periods or hard trade-offs on what events to integrate. All CleverTap customers get 2000 data points per MAU out-of-the-box, 10x the industry average.
  • Built-in Audience Analytics that is actionable – click on any cell to create a segment or a campaign. Understand habit formation with Flows, conversion drop-off with Funnels, retention with Cohorts, audience composition with Pivots, and state transitions with RFM.
  • Start with a minimum hypothesis and click-and-drill at interactive speeds. Create segments visually, without writing SQL or complex clause-based segment definitions.
  • Apply behavioral segmentation, computed in realtime – no need to wait a day for the data to compile.
Next level of Operational Efficiency

Personalizing Messages & In-App Experience

  • Up to 4x more conversions by delivering relevant and coordinated triggered campaigns across messaging & the in-app experience compared to calendar-driven campaigns.
  • Ability to orchestrate all channels, including in-app experience changes, in the same Journey.
  • Avoid sending the wrong message to the wrong user with our flexible, yet easy-to-use, Journeys with drag & drop.
  • Use AI with IntelliNode to decide the most optimal branch of your Journey for each individual user.
Screenshot of an omni-channel user journey for a free shipping offer across push, email, sms, and in-app channels.

Personalize the Content

Graphic showing two layouts of a travel app participating in an A/B test. One layout features a big image for a recent search, and the other layout has a smaller images in a list. The winning variant is the one with the big image.
  • Use Liquid Scripting and Linked Data to make your content more dynamic
  • Load up your content catalog and serve recommendations, e.g. courses or videos, computed in realtime based on current user behavior

“We were able to engage tens of thousands more users inside our core app experience. We created lifecycle campaigns that pushed users to interact with our messaging and calling features soon after registration, leading to a five percent lift in retention.”

ballebaaziMark Braatz
GM & VP of Growth at TextNow
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