Journey to Success

From startup vision to brand recognition

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In our brand new video series, we interview industry thought leaders about their journey from scrappy startup to successful brand — and the triumphs and challenges along the way.

Watch the videos to discover how they achieved success, what kept them going, which KPIs proved critical, and what role mobile played in their brand’s growth and evolution.

In this conversation with Bioo founder and CEO Pablo Vidarte
We discover how the initial idea of generating electricity out of nature itself came to him, how he pursued the idea, first with a group of dedicated volunteers, and how the expertise provided by their initial investors was just as important as the funding they provided. Vidarte discusses the other challenges they faced in bringing their concept to fruition, how they overcame them, as well as how the company pivoted in response to the pandemic and how these changes might carry them through 2021.

We’ll be adding new videos every month, so bookmark this page and check back for the latest stories.

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