Times Internet’s Vivek Girotra on Increasing FinTech App Retention and Meeting Engagement Goals

If you want your FinTech app to thrive, perfect your lifecycle marketing system. That’s what Times Internet’s VP of Growth Marketing, Vivek Girotra, recommends. In this episode recorded late last year, our host Peggy Anne Salz questions Vivek on best practices for FinTech apps to increase user retention and meet engagement goals. Vivek implores marketers to leverage market cycles, personalize communications, and get creative with metrics while he announces Abound – a neobank for Indian expats who live outside the subcontinent.“The Big Leap,” a video interview series featuring the most respected CMOs and executives globally, reveals the steps, strategies and stories that have allowed marketers to achieve growth through retention. The series is hosted by Peggy Anne Salz.