From Personalisation to Individualisation: Keys to Unlock the Power of Omni-channel Automation


Customers switch between channels and devices at a whim, based on a variety of criteria such as the complexity of a service task or the scenario they find themselves in. Few organisations, however, understand how to tackle this strategic challenge or how to effectively build the right customer experiences through Omni-Channel Approach.

This masterclass introduces a new practical method to providing personalized, low-effort, multi-channel consumer experiences. Design principles are focused on how consumers behave as individuals and what they anticipate from core service experiences.

Aug 31, 2021 | 2:00 PM IST

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Key Takeaways:

Join us as product experts from CleverTap & Logicserve Digital talk about building a Personalised Omni-Channel Experience leading to a bigger ROI.

  • Reasons omnichannel experience is not optional
  • Does your current marketing stack include such solutions that help you in aligning the Omnichannel approach?
  • What it takes to Implement a customer engagement solution in your Digital Strategy and how does it contribute to revenue



Meraj Siddiqui

AVP – Digital Transformation, Logicserve Digital


Jay Dalvi

Product Expert, CleverTap

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