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Mobile marketing suite to retain users and boost conversions for ecommerce apps

Deliver a personalized shopping experience to each user

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Engage customers across each micro-moment

Customers interact with your brand on various touch-points before making the final purchase. Assist them with contextual messages throughout their journey to deliver an amazing experience.
Shared experience
Browse Seize the moment users’ explore products and browse categories. Assist users in product discovery by recommending the products most suited for them.
Compare Help customers make an informed choice. Guide users through product reviews, specs, details, and ratings to let them choose the product that’s right for them.
Buy Sell not just products, but also a seamless shopping experience. Know your users across all devices and deliver personalized offers, and discounts to keep them coming back.
Shared experience Develop relationships that go beyond transactions. Meet users with impeccable service, seek feedback, reviews, and ratings.

Mobile engagment solutions for every use case

  • Onboarding

  • Send welcome messages to help shoppers onboard
  • Engagement
  • Cut short the path to first conversion with recommendations
  • Retention
  • Great digital experiences make loyal customers
  • Re-Install

  • Not all is lost if you can win users back


Automated Segmentation with RFM

Automated segmentation with RFM

Best-in-class automated segmentation using – Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) analysis– examines your customer activity to identify how recently and frequently they performed an action such as purchasing a product.

Engage with product recommendations

Provide value now and serve the users’ need for instant gratification by offering them the most relevant products. Help them discover the products they are most likely to buy and delight them with real-time recommendations that are contextual and relevant.
Engage with Product Recommendations
Customer Data Platform for a Single Source of Truth

Customer data platform for a single source of truth

Break down data silos to combine data from multiple sources – mobile phones, tablets, in-store POS systems, virtual mirrors, digital kiosks and more. Process millions of data points and run advanced queries while users interact with the brand in real-time.

Long term engagement campaigns with journeys

Visually build and deliver omnichannel campaigns based on your users’ behavior, location, and lifecycle stage. Weave together engagement campaigns that connect across channels like push, email, SMS, and the in-app experience.
Long Term Engagement Campaigns with Journeys

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