Transforming the Customer Journey

Turning Ordinary Users Into Super-Fans
Virtual Event: January 13, 2022  |  11am IST and 11am PST

Discover how pioneering companies and thought leaders are setting the standard for retaining customers

Today’s digital consumers expect highly personalized communications from brands. To achieve this, businesses must ensure that data and context is ingrained into every customer engagement, throughout their lifecycle.

To support this goal, CleverTap has developed a framework that we call “Fit for the Future,” which encompasses four primary pillars: increasing new user retention, increasing user engagement, increasing order transactions, and reducing churn.

Join us as we let our customers tell you how they’ve used this framework to turbocharge their marketing campaigns and turn ordinary users into loyal fans for life.

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The Future is Retention: How the
Retention Cloud Will Empower Brands

Sunil Thomas  |  Co-founder & Executive Chairman, CleverTap

Hear from our co-founder on the pivotal role of user retention in achieving scale, growth, and success in your business.


Themes for Product Roadmap 2022 and Introducing CleverTap Direct Call

Anand Jain  |  Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, CleverTap
Sumantu Mittal  |  VP, Product, CleverTap

Learn more about product priorities for 2022 as Anand discusses the product roadmap themes and introduces Direct Call — an industry-first, in-app voice capability on a retention cloud — that will provide seamless, contextual, and secure communication between brands and consumers.


Why Shared Values Are the Newest Winning
Way to Connect With Customers

David Allison  |  Founder, Speaker, Author, The Valuegraphics Project

Learn more about reaching and engaging customers based on core values with this consumer behavior expert, advisor to global brands, and best-selling author.


Driving User Engagement and Brand Stickiness: How Gaming Apps Get it Done

Sishir Kolli  |  SVP Product, Mobile Premier League (MPL)
Peggy Anne Salz  |  Chief Analyst, MobileGroove

Mobile gaming continues to break records. MPL, a fast-growing gaming and esports platform, does so using granular segmentation and data signals to detect boredom and recommend content to keep players engaged and entertained.


CleverTap IntelliNODE – Introduction & Demo

Divyekant Gupta  |  Senior Product Manager, CleverTap

As the ability to experiment is one key to retention, CleverTap felt the need to enable more complex A/B experiments in user journeys. Our solution is CleverTap IntelliNODE, a multi-path experimentation suite that helps customers conduct continuous experiments to determine the most effective path and engagement strategy for their users.


Swinging for the Fences: How the Press
Sports App Made it Into the Big League

Drew Williams  |  Co-Founder, Press Sports, Forbes 30 under 30 North America 2022
Daniele Di Nunzio  |  Head of Sales (Americas), CleverTap

Get insights from the co-founder of the first-ever sports social media app that lets athletes share their sports achievements and connect directly with coaches and fans. Find out more about how they boosted conversions by almost 8% through improvements to their onboarding process using Campaigns and Journeys.


Gmail Promotional Annotations

Harsh Shah  |  Senior Product Manager, CleverTap

In this session, we explore the challenges around email discoverability and engagement that email marketers face, and how CleverTap Gmail Promotional Annotations can help enhance your engagement metrics like email open rates and click-through rates in Gmail.


How Ecommerce Pioneers Are Using CleverTap
to Ensure Continued Growth

Abhishek Gupta SVP, D2C Business, Mamaearth
Abhishek Gupta Chief Customer Officer, CleverTap
Peggy Anne Salz Chief Analyst, MobileGroove

This panel will explore CleverTap’s framework for ecommerce and other fast-growing segments, mapping strategies and tactics to key use cases and critical stages in the customer journey. We’ll uncover best practices and shortcuts that successful marketers use to deliver exceptional experiences and drive meaningful growth.

Abhishek Gupta SVP, D2C Business, Mamaearth
Abhishek Gupta Chief Customer Officer, CleverTap
Peggy Anne Salz Chief Analyst, MobileGroove

Integrations Update

Rahim Penangwala  |  VP, Product, CleverTap

This session provides updates on some of the newly released and upcoming integrations. Be the first to see the integrations that will help customers make the best use of external tools and sources!


Retention Myth-Busting: the Methods, Models, and Tools That Really Matter

Deepak Abbot  |  Co-founder, indiagold
Peggy Anne Salz  |  Chief Analyst, MobileGroove

This fast-paced session will cover how mobile marketers can start getting real results right now, which models marketers should utilize, the objectives they should aim for, and what tools (or stack) are needed to get the results that will resonate.


Why Marketers Need to Resist
‘Funnel Vision’

Rebecca Nackson  |  Founder and CEO, Notable

As the shift toward retention marketing continues, marketers need to make sense of the complete user journey through the funnel. This requires putting the ‘personal’ back in personalization and teams that can address all stages of the customer lifecycle.


Sunil Thomas

Co-founder and Executive Chairman

Sunil is a technologist and co-founder of CleverTap. He drives CleverTap’s strategic vision while also managing investor relations. He has previously held CTO roles at startups and companies like Network18 and Infospace Inc.

Anand Jain

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

Anand Jain is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at CleverTap with over 25 years of experience as a technologist, entrepreneur, and product-builder. Anand leads CleverTap’s medium- and long-term strategic initiatives and growth programs.

David Allison

Founder, Speaker, Author

David Allison is the founder of the Valuegraphics Project which provides a detailed map of core human values for everyone on earth. Today organizations around the globe use valuegraphics to understand their target audience and make decisions based on what people value, rather than demographic stereotypes.

Abhishek Gupta

Chief Customer Officer

Abhishek leads customer success, technical account management and support at CleverTap. Abhishek is passionate about customer delight and outcomes. Prior to CleverTap, Abhishek held leadership roles with Sprinklr, Trilogy and Ignite Technologies.

Daniele Di Nunzio

Head of Sales, Americas

Daniele Di Nunzio is an experienced leader in the SaaS industry with a strong focus on AI, Data Analytics, and Marketing Technologies. Daniele brings his expertise and passion for digital transformation projects gained from his years in notoriously slow-moving industries such as Nuclear Energy and Transportation.

Drew Williams


Drew Williams is a Co-Founder & CMO at Press Sports App, a mobile app that connects athletes, coaches, and fans to view and share sports highlights.

Abhishek Gupta

SVP, D2C Business

Abhishek is a growth-marketing business leader with 9 years of experience building sustainable business, starting from scratch.

Sishir Kolli

Senior Vice President

Sishir is Senior Vice President of Product at Mobile Premier League (MPL). Part of the founding team, he has been instrumental in pioneering MPL’s Android and iOS platforms. Prior to his current stint, Sishir has worked at Hike and Barclays. He is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee and IIM Calcutta.

Peggy Anne Salz

Chief Analyst

Peggy Anne Salz is a top mobile marketing influencer and one of the leading experts shaping the mobile marketing world. She’s also a senior writer for and the host of the Mobile Presence podcast, ranked a top 25 demand gen show in the U.S.

Harsh Shah

Senior Product Manager

Harsh works as a Senior Product Manager at CleverTap. He has been part of CleverTap for more than 4 years, and his goal is to help brands increase customer retention and lifetime value through the use of email marketing.

Divyekant Gupta

Senior Product Manager

Rahim Penangwala

VP, Product

Sumantu Mittal

VP, Product

Sumantu loves solving problems and is equally excited about technology-driven products. He has worked in the Telecom/IT sector for a better part of his 18+ years career, and his last stint was as an entrepreneur building Patch, an in-app communications platform that CleverTap has recently acquired.

Deepak Abbot


Deepak has 20+ years of building products with deep understanding of analytics & growth. He has worked across Fintech, Media & Gaming. At Paytm, he worked with stellar teams to build a financial services powerhouse by building a seamless consumer experience across wallet, UPI, tokenized cards, bnpl, wealth & insurance.

Rebecca Nackson

Founder and CEO

Rebecca is a marketer turned growth consultant, bringing a unique perspective on digital growth and retention. A veteran of iHeartMedia, Audible and IBM, today she runs her own consulting practice with a focus on engagement and retention KPI’s while maximizing ROI from leading technology platforms.

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