How Streaming Platform goes beyond A/B testing to achieve stellar results

How did ZEE5 Global build the platform, the content and the marketing muscle to become the top-ranking app for South Asian entertainment across 190+ countries, as well as the number one spot in the U.S and the U.K and the number two spot in Europe? Part of the credit goes to the content (a slate of 200,000 hours of on-demand content that includes original series, movies, TV shows, and more). But another ace in the company’s hand is a unique approach to A/B testing that allows the company to change and customize campaigns and offers with just a simple drag-and-drop. In episode #479, part of the special retention marketing series sponsored by CleverTap, our host Peggy Anne Salz speaks with Vinay Iyengar, Vice President – Head of User Growth and B2C revenue at ZEE5 Global. He delves into what he calls “ABC testing” and reveals the real metrics marketers must track. He also takes on a world tour of local tastes and how simple tweaks can make ad creatives more appealing and effective.