Case Study

Cleartrip’s Travel App Achieves 5x More Cross-Sells with Personalized Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

5xMore Cross-Sells
10%Increase in Monetization Rates
ClearTrip App

The Cleartrip Story

Cleartrip is an online travel aggregator for booking flights and train tickets, hotel reservations, and holiday packages. With annual revenues of $45 million and over 10 million downloads, Cleartrip is a favorite among users who want a hassle-free way to to book travel. In fact, 70% of users stick with the platform after their first purchase. The brand recently announced a major partnership with Google Flights to make it easier for users to view flight schedules, fares, and bookings. Cleartrip’s rapid growth is largely thanks to a culture that emphasizes experimentation, innovation, and data-driven decision making to stay ahead in a highly competitive market.


  • User Growth User Growth
  • Increased Revenues Increased Revenues
  • Referral Programs Referral Programs
When the user journey covers so many digital touchpoints at different stages, understanding how users discover and engage with your brand across each channel is a major challenge. If a user uninstalls your app, was it because the app crashed or because you sent too many marketing campaigns? The Cleartrip team knew they needed a holistic view of the entire user journey, so they could get a deeper understanding of customer behavior rather than base their marketing strategies on short-term user actions. With a complete picture of their end-to-end user experience, Cleartrip would not only be able to more effectively acquire new users, but also make sure their existing customers have an ideal experience with the app. To meet their goals of driving user growth by 150%, increasing revenues from existing users by 25%, and increasing referral program ROI by 3x, they knew they needed an advanced mobile marketing platform that enabled them to create a true omnichannel experience for their mobile app users.


CleverTap helps Cleartrip build a 360-degree view of their users across mobile moments, enabling them to create highly effective engagement and monetization strategies. The team uses Journeys to identify user segments and then create personalized journeys for each user based on behavior, location, lifecycle stage, and ideal channel. They can then monitor campaign performance in real time to see which messages are most effective and optimize their strategies for each segment.. In the travel industry, marketers have to act fast to re-engage users that drop off. Funnel Analysis shows the Cleartrip team exactly how long it typically takes converted users to move from one funnel stage to another. With this golden window as a reference, they can detect probable drop offs and quickly engage customers with a phone call from customer service. CleverTap’s webhooks provide Cleartrip call center personnel with real-time customer information, including service, package, and trip duration details, so they can serve prospects with personalized assistance and convert them into customers.


Cleartrip gets a visual, real-time representation of how users respond to specific marketing messages, and can optimize and automate omnichannel campaigns to drive growth.

Automated Segmentation

RFM allows the team to quickly and easily segment and engage each of their 10 million+ users with perfectly personalized messages.

Cohort Analysis

Cleartrip uses cohorts to understand what makes loyal users stick with their platform, model their ideal customer, and target a similar cohort to follow the same path to success.
Pallav Singhvi

“CleverTap helps us convert data into insights for more effective customer acquisition and engagement strategies. For high-growth brands like Cleartrip, data-driven marketing is essential, and CleverTap’s intelligent platform gives us a sustained competitive advantage.” Pallav Singhvi Head of Growth at Cleartrip

What’s next

As an innovative growth team, Cleartrip plans to use CleverTap to pair marketing automation with predictive analytics. The ability to create automated segments and then confidently trend user behavior is a powerful combination. As Singhvi explains, “Just looking at giving 20% off to users who haven’t transacted in the past 30 days is a thing of the past. Marrying specific user actions to a broader data set creates more opportunities.” By focusing on specific segments like power users, new users, and inactive users, Cleartrip can pair the ideal incentives with the right audience to get the best ROI.