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How Edenred Used Timely Engagement to Reduce Support Tickets by 45% in UAE

The Edenred Story

Payday is the happiest day of the month for many people. This is not only true for employees but also employers. Paying employees on time and accurately helps companies build a credible employer brand, reduces turnover costs and improves productivity. This is where our customer, Edenred UAE comes in.

Edenred is UAE’s largest salary-processing provider, encompassing Edenred Payroll portal for employers, C3Pay and MySalary apps for employees, which lets them transfer money, recharge their mobiles, and manage their finances. To understand more about how Edenred optimizes user engagement across their suite of products, we spoke to three people in their team- Asiyeh Attar, Nada Parveen, and Uzair Adil.

Asiyeh Attar is the product manager for the MySalary app and looks after subscription and mobile recharge products.

Nada Parveen manages C3Pay, which has similar features to MySalary and international money transfers. Her KPIs include engagement and conversion rates.

Uzair Adil is the product manager for Edenred Payroll, which was launched in January 2021 and helps companies process their employees’ pay. He had two important KPIs: onboarding existing clients to the new portal, and reducing the number of support tickets reaching their customer success team.


Sending Contextual and Personalized Communication

With their previous user-engagement solution, Attar could not create personalized omnichannel messaging experiences for their users. This hampered Edenred’s ability to make the right impression with new users from signup.

“How do we successfully onboard users and educate them about the features we offer? How do we help users? Without having a user engagement platform conducive to our needs, it was challenging for us to engage with users on day 1, day 5, day 7, or even day 70 in a contextual manner,” Asiyeh recounts.

Automating User Engagement

“We had to manually create each of our push notifications in real-time as we were unable to schedule them in advance,” observes Asiyeh. This was not only tedious, it distracted them from their goal of optimizing user engagement.

Decreasing the Total Cost of Ownership

Implementing in-app notifications like banners, web pop-ups, and carousels made the marketing team heavily reliant on their development teams. “We had a limited capability to send an in-app notification because every time we had to create a campaign, it would require an app update. That was very limiting for us,” adds Asiyeh.


“CleverTap was a universal solution to the multiple user engagement challenges preventing Edenred UAE from truly delighting its customers. “We couldn’t trigger campaigns dynamically or personalize our push notifications, but since switching to CleverTap, our problems have been easily resolved,” says Asiyeh.

The team now uses the platform for analyzing user behavior and intent. “We’ve now completely switched to CleverTap for user analytics. We also rely on CleverTap for gaining insights on our product design and also how users are interacting with a particular page,” she recounts.

The all-in-one engagement platform helps the team save much time while reducing data siloing. “With CleverTap, we don’t have to keep switching between platforms. Our campaign analytics are a single refresh away. We can easily create a funnel or analyze a cohort using the dashboard.” adds Asiyeh.

Push and In-app Campaigns to Build Authentic Relationships With Users

An example of a Push Notification used by Edenred to forge trust among users

Though the primary communication channel for their payment portal is email, Adil has been experimenting lately with web pop-ups and exit intents.

“We’ve identified the login page to be a good touchpoint for web pop-ups to gain maximum visibility. Most email inboxes are piled up, and we risk users missing our emails or skimming through them. With web pop-ups and exit intents strategically placed, we ensure the message is well communicated,” he adds.

“We tried sending our monthly newsletters as a pop-up. When it was sent out as an email, the read rate was around 30%. By converting it into a pop-up, the read rate has shot up to 70%,” Adil continues.

Edenred UAE knows the sensitivities involved in the payroll process. Organizations that use the Portal need visibility into the entire process. “We use CleverTap to update users with automated emails and pop-ups when an event gets triggered from our end. We see fewer client emails asking ‘What is the status of my payroll?’ or ‘Has my file been submitted successfully?’” says Adil.

By keeping users updated at every step of the journey and providing definite timelines, the team that manages the Edenred Payroll portal has reduced the number of support tickets by 45%.

Additionally, Adil uses campaigns to garner client feedback. “We’ve added a pop-up that takes the client to a calendar where they can book a session and give us feedback on our product,” he mentions.

Omnichannel Journeys to Encourage Repeat Visits Into the App

Edenred leverages journeys to weave a seamless brand experience with messaging channels that connect users in and out of the app. A journey that worked well for the MySalary App is a journey that nudges users who’ve dropped off between the sign-up process to complete their onboarding.

“We also have a cart abandonment journey targeted at those users who drop off before completing their mobile recharge in MySalary App. This journey reminds them to complete recharging, and we’ve got 90% of these users to return and recharge,” observes Asiyeh.

By personalizing the messages and making them more contextual, MySalary App has seen an increase in repeat visits, contributing to an increase in engagement. “We’ve seen a jump in user engagement because of repeat visits. Earlier, an average user would log into the app twice a month to check their balance statement. But now, we see more users exploring other features and benefits we offer,” she adds.

For users who haven’t engaged with the MySalary App in the past 45 days, Attar has rolled out a survey to uncover why the user isn’t logging on to the app.

Nada also leverages journeys extensively for the C3Pay app for money transfers and mobile recharges, respectively. “We identified instances where users added a local beneficiary but did not complete the recharge. We nudged these users to complete the recharge using a first-time user journey and it worked well for us,” she adds.

Real-Time Analytics to Better Understand User Behavior

Edenred tracks custom events like mobiles recharged and money transfers to gauge conversions. Additionally, insights from events help the Edenred team measure the success of their campaigns in terms of users reached and conversions achieved.

“Events give us a good breakdown of the mobile recharges and money transfers conversions, according to the nationality of the user. What are the different operators preferred by the users who recharge their mobiles? How frequently do they transfer money? What time of the day do we see maximum transfers? What time of the day are users most active?” explains Nada.

Funnels help the team to understand friction areas in user flow and identify reasons for drop-off. “I use funnels extensively to understand stages where the user drops off and help me find ways to convert them,” adds Nada.

Additionally, trends help the team uncover underlying patterns behind user activity. Nada refines and optimizes her campaigns by comparing trends across events, event properties, user properties, and systems. “Trends help me tweak the copy of my campaigns, making it more relevant. If a trend shows an increased number of money transfers to X bank, I can add that to the messaging,” she adds.


Overall, Edenred UAE has seen a boost in user engagement using CleverTap’s campaigns and journeys. Using cart abandonment journeys for the MySalary app, there was a 90% decrease in user drop-off during mobile recharge. Also, sending automated communication at every stage in Edenred’s payroll portal has reduced the number of support tickets by 45%.

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