Acquire, engage and retain the right users

Behavioral Analytics, Smart Segments with Personalized Messaging all built on a platform that gives you complete control

Segmentation is at the center of analytics and engagement

Knowing your users and engaging them starts with a deep understanding of their behavior. CleverTap lets you segment your audience along any dimension so you can uncover key insights and drive the right user activity.

Create the right segment types


Past Behavior Segments let you identify users who have performed activities in any historic date range.

User who in the Past 30 days DID launch the app at least twice, read four or more articles and shared.


Live User Segments are dynamic and let you add a user to a segment when their behavior matches predefined criteria.

When a user adds an item to the shopping cart and doesn’t buy within 15 minutes

...with any set of behaviors


Simple Activity – Segment users based on a single activity or user attribute.

Users who launched my app for the first time
User who made their first purchase
Female iPhone users from New York City

Combined Activity – Segment users based on any set of actions performed, or inactions.

Users acquired from Facebook who purchased
5 times in last month but not in the last 4 days
Users who created a travel itinerary
but did not book it

Use segments to drive your business

Perform advanced analytics on segments to go deep into your data. Send engagement campaigns to segments to drive behavior. Stream segments to any webhook endpoint.

Analyze & Compare Segments
What's the retention rate for 1st time users?
Which segment converts fastest?
Show my conversion funnel for users acquired from Facebook
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Campaigns to Engage Segments
Schedule or Trigger Notifications across any channel
Personalize each message
Automate your marketing with pre-built Clever Campaigns
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Stream Segments to Webhooks
Show my transactions as they occur
Send a list of my most engaged users right to my CRM
Stream segments to any third party system
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