Case Study

How Dineout Attained a 154% Growth in GMV During Great India Restaurant Festival (GIRF)

2xIncrease in average diners
3xGrowth in traffic
154%Growth in Gross Merchandise Value

The Dineout Story

Dineout is India’s largest table reservation platform, helping more than 30 M diners discover new restaurants, reserve tables, and receive discounts. In 2018, they expanded with multiple benefits for all diners including Restaurant Discovery, Dineout Wallet & Cashback, Gourmet Passport, and My Cash.With a presence in 20 cities and ongoing expansion into other territories, the app helps diners save up to 60% on their food bills. Great India Restaurant Festival (GIRF) is Dineout’s flagship event and is a month-long campaign where they provide discounts and cashback offers across 6,000+ restaurants in 17+ cities. GIRF is India’s first-ever and only festival that gives foodies across India’s top cities a reason to celebrate and dine out at a whoping 50% off at their favorite restaurants.Users can choose to prepay by adding money to their Dineout wallet paying their restaurant bill at a discounted price. Or they can choose postpaid, where they receive up to 50% off on a restaurant bill if they pay directly at the restaurant.


  • User Data Seamless onboarding
  • Segmentation Minimize drop-offs
  • Targeted Engagement Maximize repeat transactions

GIRF is India’s largest restaurant festival, seating 2 million diners in February 2019. So the Dineout team needed to make the most of the opportunity to not only add new restaurants to their platform, but also establish GIRF as a key revenue stream and encourage repeat transactions. To be successful, they needed to keep new users coming back, nudge them to convert, and minimize drop-offs during this conversion process. All while providing an onboarding process that could showcase the app’s value immediately.


To overcome their challenges and to ensure they made the most of the month-long campaign, the Dineout team partnered with CleverTap for user engagement, analytics, and retention. They were able to gain a deeper understanding of their users’ pain points and engage each user uniquely based on their favorite eateries, local restaurants, preferred cuisine types, and more. Dineout was able to create multiple touchpoints for users to make sure they stayed engaged throughout the festival and nudge them towards repeat transactions on the app.

Intent Based Segmentation

Leveraging CleverTap’s Intent Based Segmentation, Dineout’s users were sent personalized messages based on their past behavior, predominant interests, and likeliness to convert — ensuring that the app not only acquired new users but increased the average transaction per user by 66%.


Cohorts gave Dineout a clear picture of user activity to understand how many repeat transactions are made by each user.

Automated Segmentation

With the help of Automated Segmentation each user was targeted with different deals on the basis of the buffet, luxury dining, and cuisine they showed interest in.

With CleverTap, we can see the whole user lifecycle, and then go back and determine which campaign attracted them, to slowly build a narrative around every type of user. It helped us immensely for our GIRF campaign.“ Shalini Sinha Growth Marketing at Dineout

What’s next?

Average Dineout Pay GMV before GIRF 2019 was 11 Cr. per month. After the festival it showed a sustainable growth of 154%. Similarly, the average number of diners before GIRF 2019 was 8 Lakhs per month, but after GIRF the number of diners jumped to over 16 Lakhs per month. Communicating with users based on their past behavior, preferred interest in luxury dining, food deals, and alcohol deals was a crucial component to the success of Dineout’s GIRF campaign, one that made user targeting much easier. With CleverTap, Dineout is now focusing more on an experimental mindset to keep prioritizing user retention.