Shifting With the Times: Repositioning for Long-term Growth Beyond the Pandemic

The world has seen a systemic shift in consumer behavior in just the past year. And if marketers are to aim for success, they must evolve their strategy from mere acquisition to building audience loyalty that translates to long-term growth.

This fireside chat brings together industry leaders who will share how they effectively grew loyal audiences and the drivers that they used to boost revenue growth and profitability in their companies.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the key trends accelerated by the pandemic but which now have lasting effects on consumer behavior
  • Learn the customer experience strategies and tools that transform casual app users into loyal customers
  • Uncover how segmentation and personalization can be used to ensure long-term growth for your online brand



Andre Madian

VP, Head of Growth – Akseleran


Esther Sariowan

Product Management – Paxel.co

Chief Marketing Officer at CleverTap

Marc-Antoine Hager

Head of APAC Business – CleverTap

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