Fintech App Engagement Benchmark Report: Top 10 Metrics Marketers Need To Know

Understand how your fintech app engagement compares to your industry peers.

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What’s Inside?

The fintech industry is ever-evolving and continues to hold significant value and potential. Nonetheless, fintech companies struggle to retain their app users. The challenge then is for marketers and growth leaders in the fintech industry to figure out how to increase customer stickiness by engaging app users right out of the gate in a scalable way.

Our latest benchmark report provides broad data, based on billions of data points, for how fintech app users tend to behave at various points in their journey. We also provide insights behind what each statistic means and the strategies and tactics you can employ to move the needle. Use this report to gauge your own app’s performance and then determine what you need to do to improve your KPIs.

  • Why Read This Report?
    With broad data on the top ten metrics fintech app marketers need to know, this report will let you:

    • Understand the latest baseline metrics and trends amongst users of fintech apps

    • Compare your own data and use the results to guide your efforts to increase engagement and retention

    • Understand the drivers behind different metrics and what they mean for your business in the short and long term

    • Learn actionable tactics for more effective retention

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