Case Study

How Faasos, India’s Top Food Delivery App, Accelerated Conversion by 7% using CleverTap Journeys

7%Increase in Conversions
30%Increase in CTRs
Faasos App

The Faasos Story

Faasos is an Indian ‘food on demand’ company that was started in the year 2011. It operates across 15 cities in India and 200+ locations. It is the only vertically integrated food business in India that complies to all the three stages of food on demand business: ordering, distribution and delivering.

Faasos has served over 4,000,000 customers with 30,000+ meals per day and has recorded a growth rate of 20-25% month on month.


  • Triggered user messages Triggered user messages
  • Multiple user touchpoints Multiple user touchpoints
  • Revenue conversions Revenue conversions

On average, shopping cart abandonment rates among online shoppers is 69%. If a user abandons a cart during meal times it’s unlikely they’ll ever make that purchase. Faasos wanted to avoid lunch and dinner customers adding items to their carts and not purchasing within the hour. They figured it would require multiple touch points to convert a user within that short window of opportunity.

The best way for Faasos to convert users is to send them a notification precisely during their lunch/dinner times. And owing to the large number of users that they cater to, they wanted a technology that could support messaging at scale.


Faasos required an end to end solution that helped them reach out to their users without the campaigns overlapping. The thing with setting up multiple campaigns was that they had to set these in a certain priority and if a single notification fails to deliver, the entire cadence would break.

CleverTap Journeys provided them with a solution. Now they could add multiple campaigns to one single flow while trying various permutations of actions a user might take.

With CleverTap’s push campaigns, Faasos was able to bring users back to the app to place an order. They leveraged the Triggered and Scheduled Campaigns to send push notifications to users exactly 15 minutes after they added an item to their cart but didn’t purchase. Sending push notifications within the mealtime window reminded users of the items they hadn’t yet purchased and resulted in an increase in purchases.


A 7% increase in conversion through timely, relevant notifications helped them significantly reduce their cart abandonment rates. This helped them create an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Push Campaigns

With CleverTap’s push notifications, Faasos saw a 30% increase in click-through rates. These were directly proportional to the conversions that happened.

Personalized & Triggered Messaging

Faasos knew getting users back to the app required habit formation. They began segmenting users based on dinner and lunch usage, and through triggered reminders helped them book their meals.

Revant Bhate

“CleverTap has been an effective platform for us to engage with our users in a timely fashion. CleverTap’s action/inaction campaigns really enabled us to reach out and convert users who abandoned their carts. Their ability to engage with users in real time has changed the game for us with increased conversions from abandoned cart scenarios and I would highly recommend them to others in this space.” Revant Bhate Head of Marketing