How Lenskart Scaled Omnichannel Marketing Automation


The Lenskart Story is India’s largest and fastest growing online eyewear company. With an expanding chain of 500+ stores across India and its unique Home Eye Check-up service, which brings expert optometrists to homes and offices for convenient eye exams, Lenskart sells 10 glasses every minute.

Key results

Arrow68% Higher Engagement

With push notifications personalized based on each user’s first name, location, and purchase history

Arrow75% More Efficient Campaigns

With actionable insights provided by unifying data from multiple sources


Lenskart’s biggest priority is delivering an exceptional customer experience both on and offline. It was essential for them to get a single view of the customer, unifying data silos from their offline stores, website, and app. With this essential information, they could analyze user behavior and more effectively segment their audience to offer personalized experiences — even with millions of customers. With such a large user base (10 million+ for the Android app alone) and 40,000 unique users being added daily, Lenskart needed a tool that would scale with them and offer a seamless experience to both their CRM team and their customers.

Marketing Automation at Scale

The previous tool used by Lenskart struggled to scale and was unable to handle mass campaigns for its large user base. One of Lenskart’s primary channels is SMS, and each campaign would take over four hours to deliver.

Managing Offline Data

While it was possible to collect data from their online channels such as web and app, Lenskart wanted to leverage data from their offline stores to get a complete view of each customer.

Personalized engagement across channels

Lenskart needed to expand to newer channels their customers were most likely to engage while maintaining the same level of personalization to offer a consistent experience.


With CleverTap, Lenskart is able to orchestrate marketing campaigns at scale across channels and significantly reduce campaign delivery times. Notifications that took over 4 hours to be sent now reach users in less than an hour’s time with no slow down of the product. This has also resulted in higher ROI on marketing spend with fewer resources spent on planning, scheduling, and optimizing campaigns.

Customer Data Platform

Lenskart can now make informed decisions based on data collected from online as well as offline sources, such as iPad kiosks that collect data after an in-store purchase. This data is unified by CleverTap to help build rich user profiles and send more targeted campaigns.

Automated Segmentation

With RFM Analysis, the Lenskart team uses automatic segmentation to engage their large user base with personalized campaigns based on how active users are in the app and how much they spend.

Personalized Omnichannel Campaigns

Lenskart has improved user onboarding and re-engagement through automated omnichannel campaigns that cover the entire customer lifecycle.

“CleverTap offers the perfect mix of analytics and engagement, with actionable analytics and ease-of-use. With live user segments and real-time data, we always have our eye on the CleverTap dashboard to understand which users are dropping off and which campaigns need to be optimized.”– Manan BajoriaHead of Growth Marketing at Lenskart

Manan Bajoria

What’s next

Lenskart has its eyes on capturing over 50% of the eyewear market in India. With Psychographic Segmentation and CleverTap’s recommendation engine, the Lenskart team is confident they can enhance the buyer’s experience even further. With over 500 offline stores, Lenskart plans to use geofencing and triggered campaigns to nudge people within each store’s vicinity to check out their latest products and offers. The team is confident that powerful mobile marketing technologies like CleverTap will continue to play a key role in its success.

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