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How Ultrahuman Tripled Organic Conversions With Data-Driven, Digital Storytelling


Boost in Organic Conversions

The Ultrahuman Story

The founders of Ultrahuman—Mohit Kumar and Vatsal Singhal—are dedicated fitness enthusiasts. But, when they started looking into the technology available in this category to support their fitness goals, they found the solutions lacking both in terms of functionality and their ability to personalize. Having identified this unmet need, in 2020, they launched Ultrahuman to leverage the power of biofeedback and individualization to create a better wellness app.

They teamed up with world-class athletes, coaches, and Grammy Award-winning musicians to curate a content-first platform focusing on physical fitness, mental health, performance, and recovery.


Finding the product-market-fit

As an early-stage startup, achieving product-market fit is pivotal for growth. Diving deeper into the feedback and suggestions offered by early adopters is a crucial component of establishing product-market-fit. Having access to user behavior data can add the missing pieces to the puzzle, and these insights can help them capture users’ enthusiasm.

Increasing subscriptions

Their revenue model is subscription-based. The ratio of users who’ve installed the app vs. paid for a subscription is a metric the core team watches constantly. How this ratio changes whenever they implement a change in the app, be it in terms of UI or features, is also a valuable metric.

Optimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO)

As an early-stage startup, it was important for Ultrahuman to invest in a marketing platform that offers sophisticated analytics, segmentation, and engagement capabilities. This would reduce their overhead costs and help them scale their operations over time.


Finding the right marketing automation platform from the start was crucial for Ultrahuman. The transmission of data through multiple platforms and the resulting integration challenges would be overwhelming for a startup where one person handles multiple tasks. This would also slow down their ability to scale and create additional hurdles as the company grew and evolved.

Considering the impact on the total cost of ownership, the core team chose the CleverTap for Startups plan, combining diverse features like engagement campaigns, omnichannel journeys, automated segmentation, advanced analytics, uninstall tracking, and campaign A/B testing.

Push Notifications and Emails for Organic User Acquisition and Activation

As a startup trying to find the product-market fit, much of their user acquisition happens organically. Unlike bigger content-first wellness platforms, Ultrahuman relies mainly on digital channels to build brand awareness and recall. Using CleverTap’s complete engagement toolkit, they are able to orchestrate and automate push notification and email campaigns.

Through campaigns, they alert users about new product features and upcoming content, and they motivate users to stay with their fitness journey and goals.

Automated Journeys to Understand Users Better

Every user who installs the app has undergone a decision-making process that motivated them to improve their fitness. Insights into this motivation and other aspects of user behavior have been a powerful tool in shaping the Ultrahuman app as it is today.

When a user signs up on the app, Ultrahuman uses journeys to onboard them with a welcome email that provides an overview of how the platform can help them focus on holistic health. Once the user engages with a piece of content on the platform, they are sent another message based on their previous session. Further engagement campaigns are sent on the second, third, and fifth day.

Based on user behavior, the team at Ultrahuman crafts various personalized user stories and communicates with them at frequent intervals to build positive user habits and keep them motivated. Informing users about the merits of a coach and why a particular masterclass is unparalleled is also important in building enthusiasm around the sessions.

Another way to keep users pumped up post-session is to remind them of the impact their session has on their vitals. User preferences and past behavior also help them recommend content and programs for future consumption.

If a user hasn’t used the platform in 15 days or is at risk of churning, a re-engagement journey is activated to get them back on track.

If a user installs and subscribes, only to later cancel the subscription and uninstall, they reach out to the user to understand their pain points. By resolving these, the user will hopefully resubscribe. All of this is executed using automated journeys.

Personalization to Improve User Adoption and Outcomes

What differentiates Ultrahuman from their peers in the wellness space is personalization. By reminding users of the tangible benefits of their previous sessions — be it calories burned or improvement in heart health and other vitals — they can increase program completion rates, drive adoption, and improve the user’s end results. Personalization helps them to connect multiple data points across the platform in meaningful ways, making campaigns and journeys highly relevant to each user.


Automated journeys and personalized campaigns have helped Ultrahuman triple organic conversions since implementing CleverTap. The carefully crafted campaigns help Ultrahuman tell their unique story, build enthusiasm, encourage users to come into the app, and ultimately invest in their own health and well-being.

Ultrahuman is part of the CleverTap for Startups initiative.
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