Fit for the Future of Retail:
A Framework for Ecommerce Retention & Growth

An Essential Guide for Reframing Customer Engagement and Retention

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What’s Inside?

Our new report, Fit for the Future of Retail, provides a pioneering new framework based on a data-driven, holistic view of consumer behavior and the strategies that play across the entire customer lifecycle. This ebook shows you the most effective campaigns for growth and customer retention.

  • Why Read This Ebook?

    This framework lays out how to achieve the four main objectives of any ecommerce brand:

    • Increase new user retention – by onboarding them, mapping out their journey, showing them the value of your service

    • Increase customer engagement – by getting them actively using your app and serving up offers they can’t resist

    • Increase order transactions – by enticing them with cross-sell and upsell opportunities and getting them into a purchasing habit

    • Reduce customer churn – by winning back disengaged customers, understanding why they drop off, and then optimizing the user journey

Unleash your brand’s growth potential with the power of robust data and analytics.