Case Study

How FinTech Company FreeCharge Used CleverTap to Increase User Transactions by 1.5x

20%Increase in CTRs
1.5xIncrease in Transactions
Freecharge App

The FreeCharge Story

FreeCharge is India’s #1 payments app. Launched in September 2015, 54 million users across the country now use FreeCharge to make prepaid, postpaid, DTH, metro recharge and utility bill payments. Customers can also use FreeCharge at a growing list of brick-and-mortar stores, including McDonald’s, Shoppers Stop, Cinepolis, HomeStop, Crosswords, Hypercity and E-Rickshaws.

The company is on a mission to get millions of merchants to join the digital payments ecosystem. Their Chat-n-Pay social payments service is a secure way to send money to friends, family, and merchants in seconds, and for merchants to accept digital payments.


  • Derive User Insights Derive User
  • Multi-Channel Engagement Multi-Channel Engagement
  • Improve Conversion Rate Improve Conversion Rate

FreeCharge needed to increase transactions and improve Customer Lifetime Value in order to grow their business, which meant finding ways to engage users on the right channel at the right time.

But the FreeCharge team was finding it tough to track what users were doing on the app. Without the visibility they needed, they didn’t know when or how to engage users effectively. They were juggling too many tools trying to deliver value to customers via email, SMS, and push notifications, leading to unnecessary confusion. Analyzing data and reporting on results was similarly a convoluted and timeconsuming process.

The team started looking for a mobile marketing solution that would help them engage users across multiple channels, as well as give them insights into user data. Their goal was to double user engagement and cut time spent on analytics in half with the new integration.


With CleverTap, FreeCharge can easily identify what users are doing on the app and engage them at the right time via the right channels.

Now that the marketing team knows when to nudge new users, they can easily set up automated campaigns. By keeping their app at the top of users minds, they’ve increased their transaction rate to 22%.

Retention Cohorts

After integrating CleverTap, they discovered that most new users transact on the app within the first 30 minutes. Now, they’re able to send targeted messages to nudge users who don’t transact within that golden window to boost overall engagement and retention.

Abandoned Cart Campaigns

With CleverTap, FreeCharge can easily target users who have shown purchase intent, and even present them with an enticing ofer to complete their purchase.

A/B Testing

FreeCharge uses CleverTap’s A/B testing feature to help them optimize push notification messaging. Their campaigns now get a 20-25% click-through rate thanks to A/B testing.

Scheduled Messaging

Now that the marketing team can easily set up automated scheduled campaigns that helps in keeping their app at the top of their users minds.

Manan Bajoria

“At FreeCharge, we focus on growing our active user base as well as increasing the conversion funnel at optimized costs. We’ve used many of CleverTap’s nextgen mobile marketing and user engagement features, like Scheduled Campaigns, A/B testing, and Retention Cohorts, to interact with our users across diferent channels — all from a single platform.” Manan Bajoria Head of Growth Marketing FreeCharge

What’s next

FreeCharge’s mobile app now drives 80% of their traffic. All of their efforts are focused on optimizing their mobile UX. In their mission to make payments simple, the FreeCharge team is focusing on a data-driven approach to delivering an amazing user experience.

They continue to integrate new technology and trends like UPI to enable seamless payments via the app.