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Movie Ticketing Giant Fandango Latin America Used Segmentation to Drive Rapid Growth


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The Fandango LATAM Story

Fandango, a unit of NBCUniversal, is the go-to destination for more than 36 million moviegoers each month. They help movie fans discover, buy tickets and share their passion for movies in a more engaging and interactive way. Considered the ultimate digital network for all things movies, they also provide ticketing services to more than 45,000 screens.

Fandango’s Latin American subsidiary, spread out over all Spanish speaking Latin American countries, is probably one of their fastest growing businesses. It sees double-digit growth year-over-year, growing the number of screens by 92% in one year (2016) alone.


  • User Acquisition and Retention User Acquisition and Retention
  • Single View of the User Single View of the User
  • Mobile Marketing at Scale Mobile Marketing at Scale

Retaining users acquired through paid campaigns was their biggest challenge. They wanted to balance the cost per acquisition with the value derived from each user.

With multiple touchpoints across the web, mobile browser, and mobile app – they wanted to gain a single view of the user journey to understand what was working and what wasn’t. They also wanted this single view to provide them with the capability to run omnichannel campaigns in order to reach these users with the right message at the right time.

Fandango LATAM wanted to overcome the limitations of point solutions which limited the number of users they could target. With over 6 million users (and counting) and 5,300 screens, they needed a platform that could help them scale without limiting them in terms of events or users that they could manage.


CleverTap provided them with a single source of truth about their users thus overcoming the challenges of managing both analytics and user engagement at scale.

With Journeys, Fandango LATAM is now able to automate the process of sending triggered notifications based on user activity on multiple channels such as: push notifications, email, or web push. With use cases like abandoned carts, they can reach the user on multiple channels or the most preferred channels of communication. CleverTap also helps personalize their campaigns by incorporating user properties such as First Name, Movie, and Genre preferences – all based on past user behavior.

Advanced segmentation features also allow them to segment users on different filtering parameters including past actions and behavior. This allows them to target specific segments of users with personalized messages, all in real time.

Automated Segmentation

By identifying how recently and frequently users have performed an action such as purchasing a movie ticket – Fandango LATAM can segment users into distinct groups that range from champions and loyal users to at-risk and hibernating users that are likely to churn.

Personalization at Scale

With segmentation, they can personalize their campaigns in real time, showing a steady rise of 2-5% in engagement numbers.


CleverTap’s visual campaign builder allows them to automate the process of sending triggered notifications to promote specific movies, targeting dynamic segments that are created based on genre preferences, purchase history, and more.

Inma Cañadas

“We can look at the users’ journey across multiple devices: from the web, to their phone, or their tablet. This not only provides us with a single view of the customer but also improves engagement and the user journey across channels and devices.” Inma Cañadas VP of Marketing

What’s next

Fandango LATAM is adding a host of new features like automatic refunds, group payments, and benefits for VIP users, in an effort to continuously optimize the user experience across the web and mobile app. With the launch of CleverTap’s ML-powered intent based segmentation features, they will be able to focus on being more goal-driven in the near future. Journeys is another feature that is yielding great results during movie launches, and they are leveraging it to build experiences that are geared toward driving conversions.