We came, we saw and we said WTF?

As folks who’ve been building websites (some crazy big ones) for over a decade, we were never really satisfied with the tools available to view our site metrics. For one, they never tell you who are the people visiting our sites? Are the people finding what they came looking for? Will they come back for more? Absolutely no answers for many such soulful questions.

Today’s popular tools provide answers like page views, clicks per visit, browser distribution, country of visit etc. Everything else but the people related answers that we craved for.

Being the kind of folks we are, we questioned this way of looking at things. We always believe that people > page views. We can’t be the only ones for whom people are more important!

So we took it upon ourselves to build a better tool kit (SaaS – of course, it’s 2013) that values people over page views. Having previously founded some successful startups always helps in taking that plunge – and here we are building stuff that we’re truly passionate about.

A big hello to the world. We’re CleverTap, wish us luck.


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